Thursday, October 30, 2008

Angel in the Outfield

The Phillies won the World Series last night (yawn), but traffic on my blog has been going through the roof with people trying to get a look at sexy left fielder Pat Burrell's hairy chest and hot ass.


Ben said...

Is it wrong that the only reason I'm happy the Phillies won is because I have fond memories of this Pat Burrell photo?

Kap said...

Dear Kenneth,

I can see that one of the comments on Burrell was trying to steer you in the direction of the Colorado Rockies.
I must concur with this extremely smart person.
May I suggest you start with Matt Holliday, Troy Tulowizki, Brad Hawpe and Ryan Spilborghs. Also worthy of review are Garrett Atkins, Seth Smith and Scott Podsednik.



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