Thursday, October 30, 2008

Angel in the Outfield

Missing: Pat's chest hair

The Phillies won the World Series last night (yawn), but traffic on my blog has been going through the roof with people trying to get a look at sexy left fielder Pat Burrell's hairy chest and hot ass.


Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that the only reason I'm happy the Phillies won is because I have fond memories of this Pat Burrell photo?

Kap said...

Dear Kenneth,

I can see that one of the comments on Burrell was trying to steer you in the direction of the Colorado Rockies.
I must concur with this extremely smart person.
May I suggest you start with Matt Holliday, Troy Tulowizki, Brad Hawpe and Ryan Spilborghs. Also worthy of review are Garrett Atkins, Seth Smith and Scott Podsednik.