Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Weekend Starts … well, Tomorrow! (but get ready now)

(EDITOR'S NOTE: This post was written by guest blogger Marc Lallanilla.)

Are you sitting around crying because you’re not sure what to do this with yourself this weekend? Pull yourself together, god-dammit. (slap!) Kenneth in the 212 hates sniveling crybabies. Now throw on a snappy outfit – you’re beautiful – and go conquer the world. Or at least Manhattan.

Because Kenneth Loves Eighties Flashbacks
Squeeze are performing at Radio City on Friday night. I love this band so much, I would even have sex with Condoleezza Rice to see them. Have you seen the mouth on that woman? She could eat an apple through a picket fence. Or pull a mussel from a shell.

More Eighties Flashbacks
The Feelies, masters of jangly rock who were featured on The Squid and the Whale soundtrack, are at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday. Maybe after the concert, iTunes will discover this band, too – apparently they’ve never heard of them.

Enough with the Eighties Flashbacks Already!
The Eighties backwash continues Oct. 1 with Echo and the Bunnymen, also at Radio City, and with a 10-piece orchestra. If you were alive in the 80s, you were singing along to great tunes like “The Killing Moon” or “Lips Like Sugar.” Or, you were in a coke-induced coma. It happened a lot back then.

Go West, Young Man
Need some sexy new lounge in the 212 to impress your BFF/FB/BF/FWB or mom? Mr. West just opened at 559 W. 22nd Street near the West Side Highway in the former Opus 22 space. Haven’t been yet, but the pics are real purty. Mmmm, velvet. 212.414.8700

Spell Bound
Think you’re smart? So belly up to the bar, down a few tequila shots, and then stand up in front of the crowd to spell “hyperlipidemia,” “evisceration” and “adjudication” without barfing. Betcha can’t. Housing Works, which benefits New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS, sponsors the New York City Spelling Bee on Saturday night.

Was Cary Grant a Homo? Is a Crab's Ass Watertight?
One of best movies ever made is “His Girl Friday” by Howard Hawks. Sex, politics, and gunfire – three of your favorite things, all in one great movie. The repartee between Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell is nothing short of brilliant. See it Saturday at BAM Rose Cinemas.

Do You Ear Something?
Sunday is the last day of summer, and with darkness settling in earlier, you’ll be in the mood to spend time with a mentally ill genius. On Sunday MoMA opens a new show, “Van Gogh and the Colors of the Night,” which should satisfy your dark, twisted cravings.


Frank Anthony Polito said...

Good job manning the (212), Marc... SO true about that Conde-Naste-leeza! said...

OMG, I think I wet my pants on your Condaleza Rice comment! My partner and I have a similar comment on her and that it mouth looks like "sucking an apple through venetian blinds."

Dave, WGB

libhom said...

I love that Squeeze album. It's a shame they didn't make it bigger here in the US.