Friday, September 12, 2008

Page 1 Consider (09/12)

  • Footy Fever: Ben Ross, Nick Youngquest, Greg Bird and Michael Witt looked as good promoting their nudie football calendar as they do posing in it. (SMH)

  • What a Rip: Paul Weller did "Speak Like a Child" and "A Town Called Malice" at his gig Tuesday night in Boston! I got a rock. (BostonGlobe)

  • Mena Suvari: I'll have who she's having (Simone Sestito). (NYT)

  • Gay High School USA: Chicago school officials are considering a plan to create a separate high school for LGBT students, but the proposal is not without its detractors -- both outside and within the gay population. The idea is not unprecedented. Harvey Milk High School in the East Village has been open since 1985. (365Gay)

  • Eski-ho-mo: Meet "first dude" Todd Palin's gay porn twin. (Queerty)

  • Golden Years: "Ten More Good Years,” the "touching and eye-opening documentary" produced by director Michael Jacoby about the unique challenges, maddening injustices and life-altering triumphs experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) older adults in the United States today, is now available on DVD. (More info here)

  • Prime Time: Rachel Maddow's new show on MSNBC has started off big in the ratings department. (NYP)

  • Hairy Situation: Ryan Reynolds' beard may just be the death of me. (PopSugar)

  • AIDS Is (Also) a Gay Disease: Data released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control show an alarming increase in the number of new cases of HIV. Of the new HIV infections among males, 72 percent were in men who have sex with men. (365Gay)

  • Bye, Bye, Bye: For some strange reason whenever there's talk of an NSync reunion, Lance Bass is always rearing to go but Justin Timberlake isn't. (LARagMag)

  • When Bloggers Attack: Andy Towle delivers the one-two punch to Manhunt's right-wing co-founder. (Too bad he's still profiting off of our sexual habits, isn't he?) (Advocate)

  • Given the Shaft, Again: What, now you're not allowed to be a sandwich artist at Subway just because you starred in a few gay pornos? (BGay)

  • News Alert: Jay Jablonski is hot. (SquareHippies)

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    personette said...

    1. ryan's beard will be the death of you in a good way?

    2. so i see you mention square hippies - anything else on that site ctch your eye???