Friday, September 05, 2008

Page 1 Consider (09/05)

  • Got a Minute? I love that the Village Voice has finally blown the lid off those street canvassers ("Got a minute for the ACLU?" "Got a minute for gay rights?"). Sure, they seem like harmless do-gooders. But as anyone who's ever stopped to talk to one of them knows -- and how could you avoid them if you wanted to -- they don't want your lunch money. They want your credit card -- to sign you up for monthly contributions for life. (Village Voice)
  • So Sorry I Said: Why the media should apologize. (This is brilliant!) (Politico)

  • The Jonas Mother: Wikipedia reminds me that Denise Jonas (nee Miller) went to my high school in Mesa, Ariz. (Go, Mustangs!) I don't see her in any of my yearbooks, but she was only a year older than I am. Anyone got the yearbook? (God, that hurt. Isn't one of her kids 20???)

  • Yawnsville: Has anyone been able to sit through the new "90210"? I've tried repeatedly, but it's so boring I can't even finish the first hour. I know the producers are living with enormous guilt about not having had a single black person on the show during the initial 29-year run (other than the "interracial dating episode" with Brandon and the neighbor back in Season One). But making the Brandon character black? And what's up with the queen bee who's celebrating her "not-so-sweet 16th" birthday? Isn't that chick about 38? Is that the only thing it has in common with the original? (SDUT)
  • Thanks, but No Thanks: Michael Moore is releasing his new film online for free as "gratitude" to all of his fans. (Read: no one wanted to distribute a film about his 2004 election efforts.) (AP)

  • (Not) For Keeps: Before the GOP gets too excited about Levi Johnston's making an "honest child woman out of Bristol Palin, they should read the stats on teen marriages. They ain't pretty. (NYT)
  • Mood Swings: Novak Djokovic knocked Andy Roddick out the U.S. Open last night in an exciting quarterfinal match. The crowd was OK with the American losing to the better man -- until Novak called Andy out on some cracks he'd made about his so-called injuries. (NYT)

  • Party of One: I wonder if I would watch "Entourage" if Adrian Grenier were the least bit attractive. (No offense.) (PageSix)

    Anonymous said...

    Kenneth honey- Adrian is hot! Entourage is really great. Look- I passed it up for years, but gave it a try on Netflix recently and cannot give it up! Try it, you'll like it!

    BTW- your blog is my first stop on the interwebs after CNN everytime I log on! Love it!


    Anonymous said...

    Denise Miller appears as a Sophomore in my 1982 copy of the Dobson High Yearbook.

    I was a Senior that year, the first year the school was open, and don't remember her.

    BW said...

    The Jonas Mother is one thing, but Shii Ann? The She-Devil from "Survivor" went to the high school I would have gone to if it existed at the time!

    columbusbuck said...

    Kevin Connelly is the real hottie of "Entourage". I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking Grenier ain't all that.

    Jerry said...

    LOVED the new 90210...even though Brenda looked like a dried up old hag...she looked really good in person on the news, so at least I know it was only the bad makeup on te show that made her looked "ragged." Loved all the "old" mixed with the new...Kelly, Erin (Silver), Nat, the Peach Pit, and even a cameo by Hannah Zuckerman-Vazquez - YES, Andrea's daughter!!! Can't wait for next week...
    (Plus there were plenty of hot guys...It's only a matter of time before Rob Estes takes off his shirt to reveal his great bod...can't wait!!

    James C. said...

    Just because you have the hots for Roddick doesn't mean that he should get a pass for being a complete jerk because his career has completely stalled. I'm tired of folks like you glossing over his obnoxious frat boy behavior as noting more than good clean fun and then taking everyone else to task for the same thing.

    He's at his worst when he's around Patrick "conflict of interests" McEnroe and his Davis Cup buddies. Djokovic plays and wins a hell of a lot more than Roddick so naturally his body is going to be pretty beat up by this point in the season. I noticed no one was doubting Nadal's injuries or fatigue this weekend. But somehow Novak is a faker? You can't have it both ways.

    And speaking as someone who plays tennis, breathing difficulties, and picks up viruses pretty easily, his complaints are not without merit. Roddick got what he deserved. Here's hoping his career continues its long slow decline.

    Anonymous said...

    The problem with Adrian Grenier is that if he had the charisma to portray a movie star, he'd be...a movie star.