Monday, September 22, 2008

One More Try?

By now surely you've heard that George Michael was arrested Friday in yet another public toilet, this time for possession of crack cocaine and pot. But as my friend Steve put it so eloquently: "Can't George throw sex parties at home, like a NORMAL gay dude? It's just embarrassing, now."


Anonymous said...

I'm kinda irritated with that: " ... throw sex parties at home, like a NORMAL gay dude?", on your post.

There are lots of GAY guys thinking that SEX PARTIES ARE NOT ALL IN GAY LIFE, in fact are a very little part in human existence. As gay man i feel extigmatizated with that kind of behaviour. If you like sex parties go ahead, be my guest, that just don´t invite me there. said...

Oh George, Oh George.....what are we gonna do with you?


Anonymous said...

Oh David, Oh David, it is very easy, just have more respect for yourself and love the life, not just little parts of the life. Is that simple ... ;-)

Anonymous said...

jorge, i wish i could say i'm sorry that you were offended by my little bon mot about gays & sex parties. but seriously, i don't think there are too many people left (at least not among the ones who read THIS particular blog) who believe that sex parties are an integral part of gay life. i'd like to give kenneth's readers a LITTLE more credit than that. but in a strange way, your reaction to even the notion that some people do engage in such behaviour makes it seem like YOU kinda feel that they are an integral part of gay life. not just something that SOME people do that you don't agree with. like, say.... smoking.

anyway, the word GAY? aside from just being about guys humping guys and girls kissing girls (in private or at parties), means HAPPY! as in "able to share and appreciate a JOKE." ya know? maybe sex parties aren't essential to the fabric of gay life, but as big homo myself, i've always believed that a robust sense of humor absolutely should be. so if i promise NEVER to invite you to a sex party, can we be friends?

Anonymous said...

Ok, just happened i had some few days off and free time to read this (blog), national festivities here. So i did stand up for something i believe.

You know, what is really anoying to me, is the lack of seriously about "the gay profile". Ok, anyone can define "gay" as he/she wants, but if we (gays) do not start for being serious about it, then who will??, aren´t ourselves guilty for discrimination?.

And yes, for my part, we can be friends anytime.

p.s. sexparties can be great if that makes someone happy, but seriously (being someone who was there sometime) i do not believe that could be posible in long term (not even in short term), it depens i guess on personal expectations about life. The subject is a lot deeper to discuss here. BTW, i have a great sense of humor, when respect for others is not involved.

Anonymous said...

First of all I am shocked how wasted GM looked on this photo. I wouldn't have recognoized him. He looks 10 years older than he is. Proofs to me that drugs don't do u good. Or could it be the vapors in puclic toilets...?

Jorge, I am deeply sorry for u. It was a joke, which even I understood (and my friends say I am a can short of a six pack).

If gay guys like to have sex parties, let them do. They are still NORMAL, as we all are. If u like to copy the way of living straight couples/singles have, go for it and be happy or GAY as saint j explained ( But even some straight people like to throw a sex party from time to time).

But don't claim to be more normal than people who choose to life their lives in a different way. Otherwise u are not better than any other dickheaded homophobe on our planet.

It is all a matter of choice and I appreciate to have this choice.

Anonymous said...

Oh Michael!, you just don't get it, do you?.

Where did you read that i consider myself "normal" or even that i consider myself better than others??. Of course i'm not "normal", not in the way that you probably consider being normal.

I guess your are supossing without getting into the subject more deeply.

It is all about self-respect, and what non-self-respect causes in the rest of the people.

Again, it all depends on our life prospect. Read some oriental things could let you understand world is more than me, or you or any individual person in this world. But time to time.

This is my last post, have a nice week.