Friday, September 26, 2008

All in the Family

The family reunion last week in San Diego has me feeling awfully sentimental -- there's nothing more fun than playing $25,000 Pyramid and Balderdash until 3 in the morning with my brothers and sister and mom -- and that only leads to one thing: old pictures. For whatever reason, I don't think we had our first official family portrait until 1991, when my mom asked us all to come home and have one done on the golf course near her house for her 50th birthday. But we've tried to make up for lost time in the years since. Here are few memorable ones, although looking through the proofs from last week in Carlsbad I realize we forgot to do a core family shot this time around. But with no further plans for children in the bunch, maybe this is just an omen that this Oceans 11 bunch really is the final Walshinski line-up.

Snapshot: Christmas in Virginia, circa 1974
Mom turns 50, Phoenix, circa November 1991
Mom turns 60 in Sedona, circa November 2001 (I would meet Michael weeks later)
2002: And baby AJ makes 9 (my baby was spending Christmas with his family on Long Island)
Oceans 11: Michael and Little Ally round out the picture


Anonymous said...

Hey KW, I think that the familial chronology is really cool. It shows how the lives of family members have changed with the additions, babies and all. I also think that it is interesting from a sartorial perspective (the 1991 shot shows that the 1980s did not end on Jan. 1, 1990). Cheers, GP

Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate said...

So in your family, you're the tallest and the best looking? I'm sorry, but I have to hate you a little bit now.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous family, my own family is not that close and some of their lives are consumed by addiction. Kenneth, never miss an opportunity to say "I Love You" I have lost a few people to Cancer as well, believe me, you need to say it and say it often.

Anonymous said...

I really have to make a comment on the beach photo. This epitomizes my family. All my family photos have themes and dress codes :) I'm glad I'm not the only one!