Thursday, August 07, 2008

TV Preview

Just 19 days until the return of "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency"! I would call it one of my "guilty pleasures," but what would be the point? A crazy former model bossing around a bunch of half-naked PYTs? Now that's great TV.

Another show I have my eye on is Logo's new sports-themed reality offering, "Shirts and Skins." It follows the true-life story of the San Francisco Rockdogs, a young all-star basketball team that reunites to try to uphold the city's three-generation legacy of international gay games gold medal and national tournament wins. My source tells me that it's going to be a different from other reality shows because it's less about the drama and more about growing up gay and loving sports. Ironically, the title alone sounds like drama to me. Every time we chose up sides back in Mesa, Ariz., and I was a "skin" I'd always quietly migrate to the shirts side (it was 115 degrees and I'm Irish!) and then all hell would break loose when there was the wrong number of players on team. Oh, well. These boys don't look like they're too shy about going shirtless. I hope to have more inside details for you soon. The buzz over at OutSports is that the show is very good.

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