Thursday, August 07, 2008

Page 1 Consider (08/07)

  • Gymwear on 'Roids: A look at how Under Armour, which my boy Robby Ginepri's been rocking for years now, has redefined gym-pumped machismo for a new generation. (NYT)

  • What's in a Name? A Texas city insists that there's no anti-gay intent in plans to rename Gay Boulevard. To prove it, though, I think they should now call it Fudgepacker Way. (PageOneQ)

  • Factory Made: Kooky Mena Suvari did do herself up like this on purpose for the New Museum party celebrating Andy Warhol's 80th birthday, didn't she? After all, her dream is to be smart for 15 minutes. (Daily Intel)

  • Escandalo: I kid you not, this story about married men in Mexico having sex with other men would make Pedro Almovodar blush. (NYT)

  • Damn HMOs: Maybe if her insurance were a little more reasonable this transwoman wouldn't have had to hold up a bank to pay for her sex change. (365Gay)

  • Bum Rap: I wish I could say this was a tabloid headline, but it's not: WOMAN IS FOUND DEAD AT CLUB 3 DAYS AFTER PARTY FOR LIL' KIM. They she the victim was beaten to death with a champagne bottle. (Cristal, y'all!) And it gets better. The "actress" LisaRaye McCoy-Misick, who is married to the premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands and is a friend of Lil’ Kim’s, attended the party, and said in a telephone interview early Thursday morning: "When I was there, everything was cool. But we didn’t stay very long. Celebrities never do. And everything was fine then." Thanks for clarifying that for us, Mrs. Celebrity. (NYT)

  • Delusionally Yours: Bruce Ivins may or may not have been behind the anthrax letter terror campaign. But he definitely was a fucking nutjob. (NYT)
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