Friday, August 08, 2008

Police Men's Ball

A bunch of good Jersey folks -- Bruce Springsteen (Long Branch), Debbie Harry (Hawthorne), Paul Rudd (Passaic), Patti Scialfa (Deal) -- and some regular people came out to celebrate The Police's farewell concert at Madison Square Garden, which doubled as a benefit for public television.

"We're from Jersey" The object of my affection Paul Rudd and some Village People reject
Tri-City Action: Rosanne Arquette, Trudie Styler and Dylan McDermott
The Police captain and Gerard Butler
Mayor Michael Bloomberg pays The Police a visit


Anonymous said...

Am I the only only thoroughly confused? These pics can't all be from the same night. How does Sting have a beard in some pics, but then is clean shaven in others?

Did he shave at some point in during the concert?

Anonymous said...

Ugh, Springsteen looks like hell ....