Friday, August 15, 2008

Page 1 Consider (08/15)

  • Hungry as a Wolf: Simon LeBon has just permanently erased all of my teenage Duran Duran fantasies in one fell hoagie swoop. (Source)

  • The Crying Game: The Internet is abuzz about Isis, the transgender contestant on the upcoming season of "America's Next Top Model." But didn't we decide there was already a tranny on this reality runway -- and I'm not even counting Tyra Banks. (Gawker)

  • Dignity Search: Like being Ed McMahon isn't embarrassing enough, now this? (AP)

  • Bronzed: In addition to looking like SeanCody porn stars, these boys also win medals. (OhLaLaMag)

  • Suicide Watch: Speaking of bronze medals, who knew Swedish people could be so temperamental? (CNN)

  • The Elephant in the Room: The backlash against Manhunt and its pro-McCain owner Jonathan Crutchley continues, but aren't most people looking for anonymous sex Republicans? (Signorile) (Towleroad)

  • Liar, Liar: John Edwards isn't making this any easier for himself, is he? Which is to say nothing about his wife and kids ... (NYT)


    Jerry said...

    Regarding the Duran pic...don't you mean that all of your memories were erased with one foul "scoop"??!! :)

    Anonymous said...

    FORGET about the mccain/manhunt thing.
    simon lebon is a BEAR, now??
    stop the presses!
    all you twinks take note: resistance is futile.