Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sister Act 7

Well, the mere fact that Venus and Serena Williams played in their seventh (seventh!) Grand Slam final against each other is one of the most remarkable stories in the history of sports. As many of you know, I've never been a huge fan of these two. Then around the time I finally started to realize it was their father that I actually didn't like (his racism bullshit in Indian Wells was an all-time low for women's tennis) they both seemed to lose interest in the game, so I started to dislike them for wasting so much God-given talent. (See Chris Evert's letter to Serena.) But here we are with both of them "into it" again, and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Unlike most of their previous Slam finals, this match was competitive and compelling. And to be honest, I'm beginning to think Venus has been plagued with the injuries while Serena has been plagued with stars in her eyes, so I was happy that Venus finally beat her in a big final (only the second time she's done so), giving her a fifth Wimbledon singles crown. Truthfully, I don't like that Serena thinks she can just blow into town overweight and with no matches under belt and still win a Grand Slam title. The truth of the matter is she CAN still do that, so it would take a Williams to stop that crap and Venus proved she was just the Williams for the job. Let's hope both women remain interested in the game for another couple years or so. God knows American tennis needs all the help it can get.


Anonymous said...

I understand your point, but let's face some facts. They are both fantastic players and as such, can blow most players (men and women) away with their skills. I've never liked their father either yet never "visited the sins of the father on the sons", if you will. Nonetheless, I'm pleased with Venus winning. I just find it rude to refer to Serena as "overweight", etc, when obviously, even in at her current state, she demonstrates her ability over the rest of the competition. It wasn't like she got a pass to the finals.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: The bit about Serena's weight is clearly a reference to the 2007 Australian Open when she blasted her way through to the title (remember how she humiliated Maria Sharapova in the final?) with no matches under her belt while being ADMITTEDLY 20 pounds overweight. EVERYONE WAS TALKING ABOUT IT. NOT JUST KENNETH.

Next time before getting so sensitive about weight issues you might wanna put down the ice cream and do some research.