Thursday, July 03, 2008

Page 1 Consider (07/03/08)

  • Full-Nelson: Remember Kevin Gould, the sexy guy who was featured on the sports & fitness cover of Genre last year? It seems he's still feeling sporty these days, modeling wrestling singlets this time around. Pin me, baby! (A Cause de Garcons)

  • Strike 3? The heat was too hot, so Alex Rodriguez's wife, Cynthia, just got out of the philandering-husband kitchen. Whether or not Madonna or Lenny Kravitz have anything to do with this turn of events (I KNOW, everyone has the same manager!) -- just three months after the birth of the couple's second child -- remains to be seen, but the timing is awfully suspicious. If you look at Cynthia -- whom Alex met at a gym -- and the other diesel women he has bedded, Madonna fits the bill to a T (and vice-versa). (NYDN)
  • Bad News Bear: Tatum O'Neal gets a slap on the wrist for "researching that role of a crack addict." (Rush & Molloy)

  • Reach Out and Touch Somebody's Wallet: Whether Rhonda Ross -- Diana Ross' love child with Motown founder Berry Gordy Jr. -- was never meant to be or not I'm not sure. But it seems in addition to being an accomplished performer, Rhonda is now a real estate broker to the rich and famous of Manhattan society. (NYBlade)
  • He's Won't Tumble 4 Ya: Boy George's U.S. tour has been officially scrapped due to the United States' ridiculous decision to refuse him a visa. (AP)

  • Xanadu, Etc.: My pal Robbie needs some help with his list of songs that were bigger than the movies they were in. He's off to a racing start though, with three huge Madonna hits: "I'll Remember," "Crazy for You" and "Live to Tell." Bet you'd be lucky to name the soundtrack any one of 'em was on! (ChartRigger)
  • Downtown: The vaginal rejuvenation movement -- aka pelvic fitness -- has worked its way into the day spa. (Um, gross.) (NYT)
  • Try, Try Again: Just how much hate does Marilyn Musgrave have in her? You'd be surprised. (JoeMyGod)

  • Miuccia Prada Meets Laura Ingalls Wilder: The raid by Texas authorities on a reclusive polygamous sect in April and their seizure of 400 children amid allegations of abuse has had an unexpected consequence -- the launch of a new clothing line. Can a hair salon that specializes in Texas pompadour-mullets be far behind?. (AFP)
  • Pound for Pound: You hear that story about Barack Obama's refusing to fist-bump a little boy in Ohio on Tuesday? Not unlike his Muslim/terrorist status, this one's not true either. (TheCaucus)

  • Too Good to Be True? Until this time I had no interest in Fox's modern-day "90210." But Jesus Christ, if you're gonna go and bring back Brenda Walsh then sign me up for a lifetime commitment! (One thing, though. Can we get Shannen Doherty's old teeth back too?) (AH)
  • Bitter Taste: If this bit about Starbucks shuttering 500 of its locations means I have to walk more than 10 feet out of my way for a doppio then I'm going to be pissed big time. (NYT)
  • KooKoo: Notorious hothead John McCain is denying Republican Sen. Thad Cochran's recollection that McCain got physically rough with an associate of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega's, lifting him out of his chair during a trip to Central America in 1987. You may recall that McCain also denies calling his wife a cunt in front a reporter. (He's a charmer!) (TheCaucus)
  • Say Cheese Bigot! An appeal was filed Wednesday by the Albuquerque photographer who was fined over $6,000 for refusing to take pictures of a lesbian couple's commitment ceremony. (365Gay)
  • Sulking Swimmer: Michael Phelps, all-American baby? Like his DUI and his speech impediment weren't reason enough to dislike him. (NYT)

    Scott said...

    Regarding songs that were bigger than the movies they were in, how's about Invincible by Pat Benatar. A great song that I use as part of the name for my AIDS Walk NY team. Remember what movie that was from? Answer: The Legend of Billie Jean with a cute as a button, young, and bleached blonde Christian Slater.

    CAsey said...

    Growing up with a lisp angers me about disliking someone for a speech impediment. Judging another for mistakes in their past, we all live in glass houses of some type.

    As for the "sulking", he did not perform up to his expectations he was upset with himself. Get over it!

    There is pressure being an Olympic Athlete that comes from the public, media and yes the athletes themselves. I for one am routing for "ALL" Olympic hopefuls.

    Anonymous said...

    I'll give you this much, you say mean things about Madonna over and over (her face looks fine was puffy and wrong when...whatever happened, happened...but it's fine now, no?), but you sure know her type—A-Rod is definitely up her alley. Reminds me of Jimmy Albright, a guy she had something going on with after he bodyguarded her. He later tried to sell items given him by her. Him, her asshole brother, Sean Penn, Guy at times...Madonna sure has man problems. Even Basquiat died on 'er! Wow, so Madonna's back in the 'bloids as a sexual being and femme fatale. I thought that part of her public life was over!

    Kenneth M. Walsh said...

    Matt --
    I've been waiting for you to comment ever since I used YOUR WORDS against your woman. (Ha!)

    I completely agree that for better or worse, Madonna has to be loving revisiting this sex kitten role of hers. Chelsea Handler thinks Madonna's "so sexual no one could pin her down." (Yeah?) And all this time I thought it was young Guy who had an affair when M was pregnant and he was the one who was "impossible to pin down"!

    James Greenlee said...

    A League of Their Own, Vision Quest, and At Close Range, right? Add three more from Madonna: Causing a Commotion, Who's That Girl? and American Pie.

    libhom said...

    I love singlets.