Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Morning Wood: Alex O'Loughlin

Last night I had the Sundance Channel on and this film called "Oyster Farmer" came on. I wasn't paying much attention until this incredibly sexy Aussie came on the screen and I found myself completely mesmerized by him. (I know I say that a lot, but seriously, he's something.) It seems he's named Alex O'Loughlin and he's gone on to do a lot of work ("Moonlight," "The Shield"), none of which I'm familiar with. By the time the film reaches its, um, climatic scene with Alex having sex outdoors with the sultry woman in the bottom picture -- in what might be the most graphic and erotic sex scene ever captured on (non-XXX) film, I was counting myself a full-blown fan. Apparently he has other more obsessed fans too. If you know more about him, please do tell!


Anonymous said...

I can tell you that he was in a great movie called The Invisible as a semi-bad guy. The movie was wonderful, and he definitely provided some great eye candy.

Jerry said...

He's got a nice furry chest, too...

Anonymous said...

Love the tat around the nipple! Hot!

OBAMA '08!

Moonlight said...

Hey Kenneth ~

Thanks for linking to my Alex O'Loughlin blog. Glad you liked it (& him) enough to do so :) Isn't he yummy?!?

I've been an Alex fan for a long time. He is that rare combination... a gorgeous man who is also a talented actor. One of my fave things about him is how candid, funny & intelligent he comes across in his interviews.

You are soooooo right about that sex scene in Oyster Farmer! Oooooooo my ;> Alex came up with the idea for a movie about the feeder & gainer fetish. It's called Feed. Within the first minutes of the film, he is already nude. *swoon* Be warned tho, the movie is not for the faint of heart. Alex also has a hot sex scene during one of his episodes on The Shield tv show. They can't go quite as far as Oyster Farmer, but very close.

Wait.... didn't I say I admire his acting? All I've been talking about is his sensual scenes. He has that effect on me. *wink*

Speaking of sensual, Alex stars as Vampire Mick St John in Moonlight. He threw himself into the role. Working 18 + hours a day on the set. Makes me sleepy just thinking about it. The way he brought Mick to life is amazing! He acts with his entire being.

Sorry for rambling :) I just meant to say thank you!

XO ~

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