Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Guys and Dolls

The InterWeb is abuzz today about Madonna -- on leave from not having an affair with Yankees slugger/serial philanderer Alex Rodriguez -- and Guy Ritchie being seen arm-in-arm at 'Cesca Italian restaurant last night on the Upper West Side. (Winner of People's Best Made-Up Quote Ever: "They looked very unassuming. Not like they were looking for attention," said an onlooker.) I must admit that even though I never "called it," the divorce reports had reached such a fevered pitch last week that I started to think there was a certain "where there's smoke there's fire" logic to its being true (remember Nick and Jessica's incessant denials?). But then when Guy Ritchie's own mother came forward to dispel the breakup rumors it dawned on me that that there was probably a perfectly logical explanation for why Madonna and Guy haven't been seen together much in the past six months: He couldn't recognize her with that new face. Now that that's been straightened out, though, I say onward, lovebirds!

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