Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Beek-man Place

Somebody call Jack McFarland, his man James Van Der Beek looks awfully happy celebrating his fifth wedding anniversary over the Fourth of July weekend in Malibu with wife, Heather McComb. (I wonder what John Wesley Shipp -- his rumored ex and "Dawson's Creek" daddy -- thinks about this, too.)

And speaking of Dawson, I mean The Beek. Here he is looking rather sporty at the 50th Annual Hollywood Stars Game at the Dodger Stadium earlier this summer in Los Angeles:


Anonymous said...

There were James Van Der Beek and John Wesley Shipp gay rumors? Where the hell was I during all of this?

Jerry said...

You must have been in the same place I was...because I had no idea either!!!! I would have been "so on that"...I think JWS is smmmmmokin' hot!!

Anonymous said...

The Beek's off The Creek???!!!

God he looks hot!