Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Side Dish

I forgot to mention that I saw a provocative short before "Ciao" on Sunday at NewFest, called "Nourishment." It was written by Tom O'Leary and the director Marc Saltarelli presented the piece, about a case worker at a Project Angel Food type of nonprofit who is haunted by the past when a new, young client comes in to sign up for meal-delivery services. While I enjoyed seeing it (it certainly helps that the guy who plays the caseworker, Freddy Douglas, is awfully easy on the eyes), I was sort of disturbed by what seems to be inappropriate behavior between an older employee and a vulnerable young man in need. I'm wondering if anyone else saw it and felt the same way and/or if is this part of a bigger point that perhaps I'm missing?. The film will play next at the Provincetown International Film Festival, June 18-22. Check it out and let me know what you thought. You can learn more about "Nourishment" at Out of the Park Productions' official site here.

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