Monday, June 30, 2008

Page 1 Consider (06/30)

  • This Love (Has Taken Its Toll on Me Wallet): Maroon 5's 2007 album, "It Won't Be Soon Before Long," will be reissued in expanded form July 8. The package will include a bonus DVD with four music videos, a full concert shot last year in Montreal, five B-sides and "If I Never See Your Face Again," Maroon 5's new single featuring Rihanna. Sure, buying the same album twice sucks. But who could say no to a face like Adam Levine's? (Reuters)

  • She Read Our Minds: I hung out with a group of fellow ex-Angelenos over the weekend and we were talking about what a bizarre moment in time the early '90s were for L.A. (Rodney King riots, O.J., the Northridge earthquake). As the writers in the group contemplating our next move, what should I find in Sunday's Times Magazine. (Lives)

  • Got Milk: How the hell am I supposed to pour this thing? (NYT)

  • Au Revoir (and Bonjour): Florent, the tranny-friendly diner that ushered in the transformation of Manhattan’s meatpacking district, closed amid fanfare and heartbreak on Sunday night -- sort of. It seems the landlord -- whose rent hike drove the joint's namesake to call it a day -- has decided to keep the diner open, with the same staff and same menu, only change the name (to R&L Restaurant) thus eliminating the middle man. Now that's a power deal Samantha would be proud of. Oddly, Florent Morellet is more than OK with this setup. (Eater)

  • Giving America a Bad Name Since 1821: In Findlay, Ohio (aka "Flag City"), doubts and accusations about Barack Obama have built enough word-of-mouth credibility to harden into an alternative biography. (WP)

  • World Pride: Gay pride was celebrated around the world this weekend, with varying degrees of acceptance. Men wore sparkling saris, women wore rainbow boas and hundreds of people chanted for gay rights in three Indian cities Sunday in the largest display of gay pride in the deeply conservative country where homosexual acts are illegal. (AP) Extremists throwing rocks, bottles and gasoline bombs have attacked the Bulgarian capital's first gay pride parade. (AP) For the first time ever, members of the Canadian Armed Forces were among those who danced, shimmied, and strutted their way through downtown Toronto today in the Gay Pride parade. (CP) But based on the photos I got from a source in Paris, I'd say the city of lights was by far your best bet. (AP)

  • Blind Faith: Here in New York City, we got to celebrate gay pride with our friend in Albany. (NYT)

  • Desert Hate: It looks like Arizona's anti-gay constitutional amendment is heading for the ballot in November after all. (Lovely.) (AZRepublic)

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    Anonymous said...

    Good God, where did the Washington Post find those people? It's clear they're simply so conservative (and bigoted) that they're willing to go to all sorts of mental contortions to reject Obama. Luckily, we have the consolation that the Post exposed them, and their crappy town, to the ridicule of several million readers.