Thursday, June 19, 2008

Page 1 Consider (06/19)

  • MVP: A new nightime soap about the sordid sex lives of the players on a fictional Canadian hockey team complete with a "Discover card Richard Gere"? I'm so there. (NYT)

  • Made in Texas: The Texas Republican Party is distancing itself from a vendor who sold campaign buttons at last weekend's state convention that asked, "If Obama is president ... will we still call it The White House?" (AP)

  • Oz Fest: Snow White, Dorothy Gale, the HAL 9000 computer, Charles Chaplin’s Little Tramp and Marlon Brando’s Godfather share top billing among the American Film Institute’s best genre movies. Luckily there are so many categories that virtually ever film ever made is on one of the lists. (Everyone gets a trophy!) See AFI's top 10 animation, fantasy, gangster, science fiction, Western, sports, mystery, romantic comedy, courtroom drama and epic here.

  • P.S. Run for Your Life: Forget about naptime at this Brooklyn elementary school. Kids got a lesson in city life when a fleeing gunman sought refuge in their classroom yesterday in the Cypress Hills. “The teacher said we have to go inside the kitchen and hide,” said Abriana Faerber, 6, a first grader who was in an art class when a warning about an intruder came over the public address system at the school, in the Cypress Hills neighborhood. “We were feeling sad that someone would get killed,” she said. I'm feeling sad that a 6-year-old had to live through something like that and then be interviewed by a reporter. Sad, indeed. (Story)

  • Half Man, if That: Given the punishment doled out to Isaiah Washington, it will be interesting to see how CBS handles the star of its No. 1 sitcom using un-Tiffanylike language. It seems Charlie Sheen was caught on a voice mail calling his ex-wife Denise Richards a "nigger" and a "cunt." The once-handsome Sheen, who actually looks like the air was let out of him (an explanation for this, perhaps?) can't even get bashing his ex right. I've watched Denise Richards Colon It's Complicated and she's neither of those things. She's a stupid bitch. (AH)

  • Heck of a Job, Brownie 2: In what can be a surprise to no one, President Bush is awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Gen. Peter Pace, former chair of the joint chiefs of staff, the dick who made headlines last year when he told the Chicago Tribune that homosexuality was immoral, likening it to adultery, and said the military should not condone it by allowing gays to serve openly in the armed forces. Naturally the gays are none too pleased. (365Gay)

  • Savage Nation: Don't you hate it when "children's minds are being raped by the homosexual mafia"? (MediaMatters)

  • Good Charlotte: You'd be pregnant again too if you were sleeping with Gavin Henson. (Dlisted)

  • Won't Rachael Ray Ever Shut Up? A young Muslim woman said she and another woman were refused seats directly behind Barack Obama -- and in front of TV cameras -- at a Detroit rally because they wear head scarfs. (AP)

  • Freedom of Choice: These days I all but get laughed at by the clerks at Best Buy when I purchase CDs, a sign of the times I know. But it seems more than a million other people went out and bought one this week too, with Lil Wayne's new album, "The Carter III," bucking all the trends. The music industry still can't shut up about illegal downloads -- and Lil Wayne's album has been all over file-sharing sites. So is the truth that people aren't buying CDs as often because they're now only getting the rare albums they really want and downloading individual songs the rest of the time? My guess is yes, that most people only wanted a few songs per disc and now that they have the choice not to buy the whole they, they're opted for it. (NYT)

  • Quote of the Day: "You want to send me to prison because I had a cheeseburger, even though I’m not the person who actually ate the cheeseburger." -- Susan P. Lindauer, who was taken into custody in March 2004 and charged with acting as an unregistered agent of Saddam Hussein’s government under an indictment in Manhattan. (She does not mean this metaphorically.) (NYT)

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    Anonymous said...

    I'm not sure why this Charlie Sheen thing has surfaced again, but the story was out last year.

    The difference between he and Washington is that Sheen's calls were personal and theoretically private (if such a state still exists). Washington's comments were made at work, publicly, to and about a co-worker.

    Call me cynical, but I don't believe the Lil' Wayne numbers. I think the record company bought most of those to inflate sales and create hype. I might have believed it if I hadn't had the misfortune of listening to some of the CD. It was painful.