Thursday, June 19, 2008

Music Box: Aimee Mann

Aimee conjures up a smile for one of my Jimmy Hoffa jokes; below, back when I wore fake glasses because I thought they were cool

When I met 'Til Tuesday at a "Voices Carry" record signing at the Record Town in Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights, Mich., back in 1985, Aimee Mann was young, adorable and new to fame. Yet she still seemed completely tired and bored by it all. (In her defense, perhaps she was a tad freaked out that we'd brought along a girl who looked more like her than she did.)

Nearly a quarter century later not a lot has changed, but I'm still loving her every second of her monotone, all-songs-sound-alike albums filled with those sardonic lyrics. What's a boy from Madison Heights to do? Her new one, the aptly titled "@#%&*! Smilers," won't win over any new fans. But it sure will please the longtime ones.

"Freeway": Ya got a lot of money but you can't afford it ...

"31 Today": I thought my life would be better by now ...

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Anonymous said...

While there are a couple of songs I may skip over, 'Smiles' is enjoyable! You can always count on a few songs you really love on each release. I'm sure she knew she had a great line as soon as she wrote, "you got a lot of money but you can't afford the freeway". I'll continue to buy evrything he puts out (until she did what Tori Amos did, and finally makes a CD I cant listen to- oh, that'll never happen w/ Aimee).