Thursday, May 29, 2008

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  • Color Me Intrigued: Anyone hear about this indie movie called "Kabluey"? It stars Lisa Kudrow, Scott Prendergast, Teri Garr, Christine Taylor, Conchata Ferrell, Chris Parnell, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan and is described as "a hilarious, unique, and heartfelt film that focuses on Salman (Prendergast) who comes to help his sister-in-law (Kudrow) tend to her homicidal toddlers while Salman's brother is off fighting in Iraq. Salman must take a humiliating job as a giant blue corporate mascot to help make ends meet and hold the family together." I'm soooooo there! (OfficialSite)

  • The Forgotten Arm: Aimee Mann has a new album coming out and she's named it for all those guys in gay bars who like to come up to you and say, "Smile." (Billboard)

  • The Kite Runner: Former Wimbledon finalist and '70s heartthrob Roscoe Tanner is hot water for writing bad checks again. It's a shame that I never feel sorry for people who live off their serves. (AP)

  • The Devil Has Good Taste: Sean Avery, hottest Vogue intern ever? (People)

  • Mark Your Gay Calendars: California officials are telling county clerks that they can start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples on June 17. The state Office of Vital Records says it chose June 17 because the state Supreme Court has until the end of business on June 16 to decide whether to grant a stay of its ruling legalizing gay marriage. New marriage license forms also will include lines for "Party A" and "Party B" instead of bridge and groom. (AP)

  • Tattooed Love Boy Man: You may recall that I was sniffing around him when he was just 17, but up-and-coming French tennis player Jonathan Eysseric's He's finally legal, so feel free to check out sexy his sexy inked backside. (TSF)

  • Look Who's Hawking: Are you excited to read former White House press flack Scott McClellan's new memoir, "I Knew It Was a Mistake but Didn't Say Anything Until I Got a Book Deal"? (NYT)

  • Pink Triangles: Germany unveiled a memorial Tuesday to the Nazis' long-ignored gay victims, a monument that also aims to address ongoing discrimination by confronting visitors with an image of a same-sex couple kissing. The memorial -- a sloping gray concrete slab on the edge of Berlin's Tiergarten park -- echoes the vast field of smaller slabs that make up Germany's memorial to Jewish victims of the Holocaust, opened three years ago just across the road. (AP)

  • Coitus Interruptus: Didn't make it to the big "Sex and the City" movie premiere? Neither did I. But you can read all about the after-party here.

  • 24-Karat Burger: And I thought Better Burger in Chelsea was overpriced. (AP)

  • Working Girl: She's awfully cute, but would you trust this nine-year-old tortoiseshell cat named "Tama" as the conductor of your train? (Yahoo).
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    Unknown said...

    re: gay people who were murdered...and the holocaust memorial with the same sex simple & yet so effective to get the point across

    and I also stared at the picture that you choose to depict the memorial.....I couldn't get my eyes away, thinking what they would be treated like at that time..even with the black nail polish, no less that fabulous colored hurts me ,because it's STILL happening ...that kind of hatred ,maybe not in that degree but it's still here & wait till the marriage vows become legalized...things will get alot worse before they get better...many "sacrificial lambs" will be had and another memorial to be built