Thursday, May 29, 2008

Feel the Spin

The Post makes a nice try on the hed; too bad the expression is vicious circle

I got a lot of flak last year for siding with the "spin-class attacker" who couldn't tolerate a fellow classmate's overzealous "enthusiasm" during a class at Equinox on the Upper East Side. But now that I found out that one of the things the "victim," Stuart Sugarman, was yelling was "You go, girl!!!" I'm beginning to think justifiable homicide wound've been OK, too. I think I've made it abundantly clear how I feel about people who make a nuisance of themselves at the gym, so now that the trial is under way I just wanted to send my best to the real victim here, defendant Christopher Carter. For those who think Carter overreacted I present an interesting bit of exculpatory evidence. It seems that prior to the attack Carter asked the instructor to please ask Sugarman to keep it down (the instructor just shrugged), then he asked Sugarman directly. According to a witness testimony Sugarman's exact response was, "Make me." No further questions, Your Honor.

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