Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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  • Should He Stay or Should He Go? In England, soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo said he would announce in the next two weeks whether he would stay at Manchester United or attempt to engineer a move to Real Madrid. Ronaldo, who scored 42 goals in all competitions this season, signed a five-year, $61.75 million contract in April 2007. It is estimated his transfer fee would exceed $100 million, which judging from this picture would be worth every single penny. (TCP)

  • Thanks, but No Thanks: Barack Obama has landed the coveted Fidel Castro endorsement. (Forbes)

  • Sao Paulo Pride: Millions of people waving rainbow flags and wearing lavish Carnival costumes danced and cheered their way through South America's largest city on Sunday to celebrate gay pride and demand an end to homophobia and sexism. (AP) (photos at Made in Brazil)

  • Death Overcomes Him: "At the Death House Door,” a new documentary about the life of the Rev. Carroll Pickett, the chaplain at a state prison in Huntsville, Texas, sounds like a must-see. Over the course of his life Pickett, who has witnessed 95 executions, went from being a strong supporter of capital punishment (his own father was a murder victim) to believing it neither serves justice or acts as a deterrent. (Look for it Thursday night on the Independent Film Channel.) (NYT)

  • Great Anatomy: Was Gregory Harrison the original Dr. McDreamy? (Out in Hollywood)

  • The Greatest American Hero: Let's face it, American men don't tend to fare very well on clay courts. So you gotta hand it to Wayne Odesnik, who got it into the French Open as a wild card, part of an exchange program between the French and American tennis federations that also allows one French man into the main draw at the U.S, Open, and then took out No. 29 Guillermo Canas of Argentina, 7-6 (6), 7-6 (3), 7-6 (8), in an upset that lasted an eternity for a straight-set match: 3 hours 46 minutes. (He's pretty cute, too.) In Canas' defense he probably hasn't been allowed to use steroids lately what with the big crackdown on those Argentine boys. (NYT)

  • Sickos: People in the Czech Republic think it's a rip to pay $1.85 to see a doctor? I don't remember Michael Moore mentioning this one. (NYT)

  • Long Island Iced Tea: Cops raid a tony East Hampton art gallery for "not having a liquor license" (wtf?) and bedlam ensues. (I wish she would've decked 'em all!) (NYP)

  • RIP: I was saddened to hear that Sydney Pollack had died of cancer at 73. Despite winning two Oscars for "Out of Africa," he may not have been the critics' darling of his generation. But he sure made movies I loved. "Tootsie" and "The Way We Were" being my two all-time faves. In addition, he always seemed to pop up as an actor in memorable roles. He was wonderful in Woody Allen's "Husbands and Wives" and "The Player" and perfect as Will's distant father on "Will & Grace." I guess I can't remember a time when he wasn't part of our entertainment culture, so it almost feels like an uncle -- rather than a Hollywood celebrity -- has died. I'll sure miss ya, Uncle Syd. (NYT)


    Timmy said...

    Gregory Harrison...what a hunk! I loved him in Trapper John MD. I liked the opening of the show because they had a shower scene with him. Guaranteed beefcake every week.

    James C. said...

    I love how you always jump to make catty quips about someone without knowing the facts. It's infuriating. Canas was never proven to have taken steriods. In fact, he won his appeal and was proven to have only been given medication by ATP tour doctors which contained a banned substance that did NOT enhance his performance. The ruling shortened his suspension and allowed him to return to the tour early. He subsequently beat Federer in consecutive Masters Series events in Indian Wells and Miami where he was also defending champion. BTW, even though Odesnik played beautifully, Canas has been hampered by an old wrist injury throughout most of the year.
    Get your facts straight once in a while.


    Anonymous said...

    Gregory Harrison *sigh* Gonzo.
    He pushed my late teen gay hormones into high gear. That opening sequence with the shower door swinging open...tried not to be caught memorizing that moment every week. I think that pic is from For Ladies Only, the TV movie where he's a male stripper.

    He's still damn fine to look at. Aged like a fine scotch.

    Anonymous said...

    I remember discovering myself to Gonzo Gates and his hot shower entrance every week...ah, memories, like the corners of my mind...

    Jerry said...

    i remember that movie...what a hot body...wonder what he looks like now...

    libhom said...

    Gregory Harrison was so hot.

    Married Gay said...

    Boston Bear is right. That's from the movie where Gregory Harrison starred as a stripper. I haven't seen that picture since I was in high school. Oh, what I did what that picture. Woof.