Monday, May 19, 2008

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  • Jock Be Nimble: From DiMaggio/Monroe to Romo/Simpson, NBC Sports takes an in-depth look at the history of professional athletes and their celebrity girlfriends. (NBC)

  • Six Decades of Art: Israel celebrates its 60th birthday with six new exhibitions -- one for each decade -- in the coming months, beginning with “Real Time: Art in Israel, 1998-2008.” the exhibition is one of six to be rolled out over the coming months to mark Israel’s 60th anniversary. One of the better known pieces of contemporary art is Adi Nes’ untitled photograph of Israeli soldiers sitting playfully in a mess hall, widely known as his "Last Supper." Known for its homoerotic challenge to Israeli machismo and its reference to the Christian message of looming betrayal and death, it's so sexually charged I might have to fly to Israel just to see it in person myself1 (NYT)

  • Excellence in Journalism: Congrats to my pal Mike Luongo, whose story "Our Men in Baghdad" from Gay City News won the Society of Professional Journalists - New York Deadline Club's "Reporting Award for Circulation Under 100,000." (GayCityNews)

  • POZitively Tasteless: I used to love playing Am I Hot or Not?, that Web site game where you got to rate how attractive strangers are on a scale of 1 to 10. I'm a far less enthusiastic about one new spinoff, Pos or Not, which has a decidedly more serious purpose. The site,, introduced in late April, is an HIV education effort disguised as a game. It shows photographs and brief biographies of men and women ages 21 to 30, and asks visitors to decide whether each is HIV positive or negative. The message is that you can’t judge someone’s virus status by looks, occupation or taste in music. While I think its overall message is an important one -- especially if it had come out in 1988 -- the "game" seems a tad crass by even my loose standards. (NYT)

  • Real Lives: Want to hear a personal reaction to California's landmark Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage? My pal Kim Severson has written a great piece on the pros and cons of non-Californians heading West to tie the knot. (Week in Review)

  • Pretty Fly for a White Guy: When seniors at historically Black Morehouse College graduate on Sunday, Joshua Packwood will be the first white student to give the valedictorian address in the campus’ 141-year history. (His GPA was perfect and he isn't too hard on the eyes either.) (BET)

  • Gay Marriage Ruling: Massachusetts and California did it. So what's Connecticut waiting for? (365Gay)

  • Hairy Situation: Roger Federer extended Rafael Nadal to three sets in yesterday's final in Hamburg, but wasn't able to seal the deal as he did last year. (Reuters)

  • Holy Straight-to-DVD! It's not exactly high-brow, but Chris Carmack sure looks hot on the set of "Into the Blue 2," which IMDB lists as coming out in 2010. (Is that how long it will take for "Hills" babe Audrina Patridge to learn to read the "script"?) (OhLaLaMag)

    Chad Darnell said...

    Hey now! Leave Audrina alone! She's been reading scripts very well for the past three seasons of THE HILLS.

    Anonymous said...

    Did you know that Iowa for a short time before it was put on pause to be reviewed by the State Legislation. There was a couple that was legally married.

    libhom said...

    Damn! I had no idea Roger Federer had such incredible chest hair. He is even hotter than I thought.