Thursday, May 01, 2008

Page 1 Consider (05/01)

  • Sex Therapy: This analysis of this new "Sex and the City: The Movie" promotional photo might just be the funniest thing I've read this year. (The Moment)

  • Now that's blogworthy! Did you hear about wacky writer Buzz Bissinger going berserk on Deadspin blogger Will Leitch yesterday on live television? On the set of Bob Costas' HBO show, "Costas Now," Buzz let the sports scribe know that he thinks blogs are cruel, dishonest and dumbing down society. (Whatever!) I'm sooooo jealous of you, Will. Can you imagine the traffic this is generating? (NYT)

  • Incest Is Not Best: Gee, and he looked like such a nice man. (ABC)

  • My Man Your Plan: Five years after waving it, the White House is now willing to concede that the Mission Accomplished in Iraq sign was a mistake. How big of them. (AP)

  • Stack o' Hotcakes: With Carly Simon very much on my mind -- the new album is good, although not being a fan of Brazilian music, the bossa nova influence isn't ideal for me -- I found this article about Sheila Weller's Joni-Carly-Carole book, "Girls Like Us," to be especially fascinating. Will a comparable book about Britney-Beyonce-Christina be written in 40 years? (You know the answer.) (NYT)

  • Hollywood Is Burning: I hope to God Spencer and Heidi are OK!!! (AP)

  • Putting the Simp in Jessica Simpson: The former Mrs. Lachey admits in the new Glamour that she likes dating Tony Romo because he's as dumb as she is. (People)

  • Soccer Balls: Oh, Ronaldo. Don't you hate it when you're a macho, international sports star and the hookers you pick up happen to have cocks bigger than yours? (AP)

  • A Wolf at the Laptop: Times critic Janet Maslin makes Augusten Burroughs' new Daddy Dearest book sound as bad as his childhood. (NYT)

  • Boob Tube Alert: Didn't get invited to make it to this year's GLAAD Awards? Not to fret. Logo will "GLAAD Media Awards Backstage Pass" on Saturday, May 3, at 9 p.m. The 60-minute special report offers a backstage look at the 19th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in both New York and Los Angeles. (LOGOonline)

  • Ranger Sidelined: Hockey hottie and future Vogue intern Sean Avery was hospitalized for a lacerated spleen. Ouch. (NYT)

  • Election Day: AfterElton would love for you to vote in its 100 Hottest Guys contest. (But seriously, how can you narrow it down to 100?) (AE)

  • Stylish Return: I've never been a big fan of Gwyneth Paltrow (too bland), but I have to say she's been looking awfully hot lately on the promo circuit for her new film, "Iron Man." (Telegraph)


    dkm said...

    Come on KIT212 Blog Buddies! Let's get intelligent, funny, boyishly-handsome Kenneth on the AfterElton list. Vote now!

    firefly said...

    Yowza. Seems like Maslin overdosed on her Michiko Kakutani pills. Is there an internal competition going on at the Times to see who can be the bitchiest critic? She OBVIOUSLY hates the book, but does that merit taking a gratuitous swipe at Burroughs's' entire ouvre, all books SHE HERSELF reviewed, each and every one?? Not content with that, she then has the nerve to imply his future as a writer is at stake. How so? If SHE doesn't like the next book? Guess this week its Maslin's turn to sit on the Goddess of Literature throne in the office.

    Leonard said...

    Sorry, Gwenyth is still a plain Jane even in the hoochie momma get up.