Friday, April 11, 2008

Edilson Nascimento Plays Ball

Michael told me he strongly approved of Tuesday's Morning Wood, Edilson Nascimento. So how serendipitous was it that the PR department over at International Jock happened to send me a news release touting the young Brazilian stud as its newest underwear model. We learn that the brown hair, brown eyed beauty is 6 feet, 160 pounds. Has a 31-inch waist, size 10 shoes, and wears a 40 Regular suit and is an avid student of Judo back in his hometown of Joao, Brazil (you should see him in just his black belt). Lots more photos of Edilson can be found here.


Anonymous said...

6ft 160lbs... I can't believe those numbers. He's got to be more than 160 (or I have freakishly heavy bones as I'm 6ft 175lbs and am thinner than him)

Jerry said...

what a beautiful man!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kenneth,

Thanks for posting these. Edilson will be back for another underwear shoot at International Jock next week.