Thursday, May 01, 2008

Aural Sex

Check out the fun new video for "Happiness," my favorite track off Goldfrapp's latest album, "Seventh Tree." That's quite a workout the guy in the suit's got going on -- and he stole my old hairdo!

Going Underground, Toronto, circa 1985

UPDATE: The inspiration for the video, Bobby Van's "Small Town Girl":


Anonymous said...

Not to be a geek about it, but that's a direct lift of an old Bobby Van MGM number. From "Small Town Girl," maybe?

Henry Holland said...

Nice little stiffy you have going there, Kenneth. :-)

So you were a Melody Maker geek too, huh? I used to devour that, NME and Sounds to find out about new British bands.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Indeed, Red Rover! I've added the clip for all to see!

Anonymous said...

I seriously never knew that Bobby Van did anything before 1970's game shows. That was a pretty cool little clip though, I have to say.

Rick said...

That was my cardio for the day. Damn
You look scared down under.