Monday, March 17, 2008

Plowing Driving Miss Matos

Wow! It looks like someone's days as a professional victim are over:

The New York Post reports: A former driver and aide to former New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey yesterday made the bombshell claim that Dina Matos McGreevey must have always known her husband was gay -- because he was the other man in bed with them.

In an explosive interview with The Post, the McGreeveys' self-professed man in the middle, Teddy Pedersen, gave explicit details of three-way sex romps that he claimed to have had with the now-divorcing duo, starting during their courtship and continuing into the marriage.

Pedersen -- who said he had already spilled the beans on the ménage a trois arrangement under oath in a deposition for the couple's divorce battle -- hinted that he thinks his presence was required to get Jim's motor running for Dina.

Matos McGreevey's basic argument in her divorce war with the former gov is that he covered up his homosexuality and tricked her into a loveless marriage. She said today that the stories of sexual trysts were "completely false."
"It's frustrating to hear her call Gov. Spitzer a hypocrite while she's out there being as dishonest as anyone could be about her own life," said Pedersen, 29.

"She's framed herself as a victim -- yet she was a willing participant. She had complete control over what happened in her relationship," he said. "She was there, she knew what was happening, she made the moves. We all did. It's disgusting to watch her play the victim card."

UPDATE: Jim McGreevey confirms former driver's claims; Dina, of course, denis them. (NYDN)


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Anonymous said...

Jim McCreevey has good taste in boys! Not so good in women!

You can tell Dana McCreevey is lying when she does interview!

Anonymous said...

I think the former Gov is HOT...I wish I could find a guy like him to sneak around with...hubba, hubba!! :)

Unknown said...

Magnificent! A Razzie trophy for Ms. McGreevey for "Worst acting in a victim role!"

Matthew said...

I they're both gross, not for the 3-ways for for the 1-ways they both engage in at every opportunity and that the media is only too happy to broadcast. Unreal that he could be such an asswipe, unfortunate that he pulled his gay Americana in front of him to help water down the asswipeness. Can't they just go away? Why are their comments needed on anything? The driver's a sleazeball, too. Sure, she may have been playing victim and annoying him, but she's not running for office or anything. It seems like this couple and all around them are crazy for attention. Even the Israeli stealth lover couldn't get enough. I like the NY governor—he's upfront about his open marriage and seems genuinely pro-gay, making him more a gay governor than McGreevey ever was...