Thursday, March 27, 2008

Page 1 Consider (04/26)

  • Rabbit Test: Holy Billy Crystal! Where's Joan Rivers when you need her? I'm just glad the LGBT community isn't doing anything weird to freak mainstream society out. (ABC)

  • Hillary for Veep: Has the Obama-Clinton drama taken a new turn? She can’t win without him, said one Hillary adviser, and he can’t win without her. They’re stuck with each other. (NYT)

  • That's Author AC Slater to You: Who knew that Mario Lopez's career would have a second act? (Defamer)

  • Rumor Report: San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom for California governor? (365Gay)

  • Never Gonna Give Him Up: Any excuse to have Rick Astley back in the news is OK with me. (FishBowlNY)

  • Wild Boys: There may not be a new moon on Monday after all. Simon LeBon forgot the words to some songs and pretty boy bassist John Taylor stormed off the stage in a dizzy during the band's opening show in New Zealand. (Reuters)

  • God Forbid: The Roman Catholic Church is escalating its opposition to a British Columbia government teacher guide that encourages diversity in the public school system. (365Gay)

  • H&R Crock: Tax preparation giants H&R Block have been accused of charging gay couples more to file in Texas. (AP)

  • Just Like Mommy: Did you see Chelsea Clinton rip a kid at Butler University new a-hole for asking about Monica Lewinsky? Ouch.

    Peter Chan said...

    LOVE Chelsea Clinton just for that.

    Anonymous said...

    I wouldn't really call that "ripping"

    Anonymous said...

    Umm, Chelsea is 28 years old, not EIGHT years old. This hands-off status she receives from the media is absurd. She's obviously turning into the same type of elitist she-bitch her Mother is. The Clinton Administration WAS permanently stained (literally and figuratively) by the President's lack of control and personal boundaries. So it's fair game to bring it up. Do us all a favor and stop whining about being on the receiving end of a little dirt tossed in your direction, Chelsea. You're all grown up now and choosing to play in the mud with the rest of the pigs.