Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Page 1 Consider (03/04)

  • Park Avenue Princesses: "The Real Housewives of New York City" premieres tonight on Bravo and the reviews have not been kind. "All five live in multimilliondollar homes, move in high social circles and never suggest money is something they even have to think about. ... Ramona muses about whether her tennis game will get better or worse after her hunky rented Hamptons pro, Tim Lo Bello, takes off his shirt to show his tanned and rippled abs." Um, if this is supposed to make me not want to watch the show then you're going to have to try a little harder than that. (DailyNews)

  • Meow Mix: You gotta love onservative author Charlotte Allen, whose recent essay in The Washington Post has set the women's movement back about as far as the Log Cabin Republicans have the gay rights movement. In it, Allen calls women "kind of dim" and "the stupid sex" and claims that Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign "has run one of the worst -- and, yes, stupidest -- presidential races in recent history, marred by every stereotypical flaw of the female sex," and asserted that "Clinton's nearly all-female staff was "chosen for loyalty rather than, say, brains or political savvy." When will women ever stop eating their own? (MediaMatters)

  • What's in a Name? The National Association of LGBT Community Centers (NALGBTCC) has announced it has changed its name to CENTERLINK. The change comes after an intensive, year-long research and design process. As easy as NALGBTCC rolls off the tongue, I'd say it's a good move. Are you reading this, NLGJA??? (NewsRelease)

  • Queer Windfall: Massachusetts is reportedly reaping huge financial gains as a result of same-sex marriage. The Boston Business Journal reports that the only state in the country to allow gays to marry is become "a powerful lure for same-sex couples who want to live in a place where they can get married, gain legal rights and have access to spousal health benefits." (365Gay)

  • Move Over, Darling: Note to Derek Anderson: After spending his freshman year as a pro holding the clipboard, Browns quarterback Brady Quinn says he still wants to start. (Who's your lady friend there, Brady? It sure isn't your girlfriend.) (AP)

  • Oh La La! Paris: openly gay mayor Bertrand Delanoe appears headed for easy re-election in next week's municipal vote but he already is being courted by his Socialist Party to run for the presidency in the next general election. And you thought Carla Bruni was gay fabulous! (365Gay)


    Jere Keys said...

    What's wrong with NLGJA? It's pronounced like negligee (neg-li-zhey)

    Anonymous said...

    Yeah, yeah. NLGJA is a mouthful. Do you have a better idea? Send it along -- maybe we'll like it.

    -an NLGJAer

    Anonymous said...

    Without Log Cabin ENDA would not have passed the House, The amendment to overturn marriage in Mass. would be on the ballot, and you would have far fewer domestic partnership benefits in California -- just to name put a small few. You think winning our rights is best done by screaming fascist at Republicans from across the street. It is people like YOU who set the movement back.

    HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

    Brady Quinn is so fucking gorgeous.

    Kenneth M. Walsh said...

    Sorry, Mr. Log Cabin, but I want no part of your fruit of the poison tree.

    Joey said...

    Shame on you, Kenneth, for such simplistic thinking. A homosexual man can be a Republican, and does just about the same debatable harm (or non-harm) as a homosexual Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Scientologist, Communist, Jew, Rastafarian, or Mormon....all groups blamed at various times for homophobia. Make sure the day you meet anyone self-identifying as one of those groups and also as unashamedly homosexual, that you tell him you want nothing to do with "the fruit of his poison tree". Or else you're just inconsistant and Republican-fixated.