Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Music Box: Darling Buds

"Crystal Clear" (Watch this and then Blondie's "Dreaming"; the resemblance is uncanny.)

"It's All Up to You"

"Hit the Ground"

While I'm awaiting the arrival of pre-ordered CDs by Madonna and the Breeders, I find myself on a Darling Buds binge over here every waking moment. Known for their Beatles-influenced vocal harmonies and hook-laden melodies, the Cardiff, Wales, power pop band released three outstanding albums during their time as a group, between 1986 and 1993.

(The best place to start is with their flawless debut, "Pop Said...") Their wildly catchy 1990 single "Crystal Clear" made a small dent in the Modern Rock charts here in the U.S., but when the follow-up album bombed the band sadly called it a day. Andrea Lewis of the Buds was my favorite bombshell of the short-lived Indie Rock Blond Movement that also included Transvision Vamp, the Sundays and the Primitives ("Crash" rules!), although I must confess I never really followed up nearly as much with any of those acts. For those who know, let tell me if I should ... and for who never knew about the Darling Buds, dig in!

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Steve said...

I love the Sundays -- don't know the Darling Buds, though. Will check 'em out!

taffy said...

Kenneth darling...
love the blog, read it often, and i am in sync with a lot of your music taste (Debbie Harry obsessive here).

Just wanted to put my 2 cents in regarding the Primitives, as I think they were the equals of the Darling Buds in regards to musical output. Like the Buds, they put out three albums, the first being more pure pop, and then subsequently adding in a bit of the "Madchester" druggy dance sound so prevalent in the late 80s/early 90s in the UK. The first two Primitives albums (Lovely and Pure) are pretty widely available in used CD shops, but the third one, Galore - thats a tough one to find, as it only came out in the UK and is long out of print. Neverthless, it has some of the bands prettiest songs on it ( I think you can find a lot of the Galore songs on some budget Primitives compilations).

Anyway, sorry to go on. If you like Blondie, Saint Etienne, new wave, 60s girl groups, and twee Brit pop, then you'll really enjoy the Primitives.

I won't even go on about Transvision Vamp! I like them some, but in an entirely different way (more like very very guilty pleasure, like eating easter peeps and getting nauseous).

Be well,
(aka Taffy)

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