Monday, March 31, 2008

Jackson Whole

And I thought the Advocate wasn't allowed to put gay people on the cover ...
In a revealing interview in the new issue of the Advocate, dreamy Cheyenne Jackson opens up about his childhood cartoon foot fetish, the price of being "out" in Hollywood -- and why it was the right choice for him, his longtime love, Monty, making peace with his religious family and why he doesn't let militant gays bring him down. (Please go out and buy a copy. They've been reduced to printing the magazine on recycled crepe paper and the feel of it is enough to make my skin crawl.)

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    Wayne said...

    He was superb as 9/11 angel Mark Bingham in "United 93."

    Anonymous said...

    Cheyenne is a very talented man and not to mention, a very gorgeous man! I have been a big fan for about 5 or 6 years. I love me some Cheyenne.

    James in Missouri

    Daniel said...

    I love me some Cheyenne, too! I saw him in Xanadu a few weeks ago and am still swooning - he has shown up in two dreams so far. AHHHHHHHH....

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