Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Come Hill or High Water!!!

Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Ohio (easily) and Texas primaries last night. If I were a cable television news pundit I guess I would be calling for Barack Obama to drop out of the race (he lost THREE of FOUR primaries last night -- including two BIG ones, after all), but alas I'm not stupid enough to be one of those people. Neither candidate has any chance of getting enough delegates on their own to secure the nomination. But the fact that Clinton won New York and California -- along with two pivotal big states last night -- sure makes me think reports of her political career's death sure were premature.


firestar1984 said...

People always seem to count out the underdog in this country. We have such an all or nothing mentality when it comes to our lives.

We want our own candidate to succeed in elections, but don't care to follow up on them after the election, unless something unusual happens.

The bandwagon is pulling away, all Americans make sure you aren't left out of taking some credit for something you never cared to back in the first place. Isn't that about what elections are for the average American, just a temporary bandwagon to latch onto until the novelty fades away.

Of course most of you will not agree with the above statement, because you are the exception to the rule.

Jason Daniels said...

So what are you recieving from the Clintons?

I have been looking to your blog for almost a month now, and I feel free to say that you seem to be a propaganda machine for the Clintons. I know a lot of politicians do pay bloggers to support them. Are you one?

I'm sure you want post this, but I had to ask. I am obviously for Obama, but I wish us wonderful Dems could come together and stop fighting and realized either chose is better then Mccain or Bush.

As your friend Hil fights and claws her way to the the White House she is continuing the hateful acts of politics that have turned many people off over the years. If you can I would hit up Hil and tell her to stop the playground behavior and be the Lady we know she can be.

Obama & Clinton or Clinton Obama, either way the world will win.

Peace my Brother!

Homer said...

It probably won't be decided until the convention- I'm not looking forward to the process at all.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

EDITOR'S NOTE: I love that when people are supporters of Barack Obama it's "Obamania." But when people support Hillary Clinton, it's "propaganda."

Very un-American, my friend Jason. And very sad.

Matthew said...

Come on, Jason, he's always been a fan of Hillary's.
Come on, Kenneth, winning NY and CA is great but Obama would win those over McCain. I think Hillary's best argument is that that she was able to garner SO much more support in OH, and then that she did win TX. FL and MI are meaningless since neither were real contests. I wish they could re-vote those two BEFORE June. Either way, I definitely see why Hillary has a reason to stay in the race. But if they're both unable to claim the victorious number of delegates, and Obama continues to be ahead (mathematically, he will always stay ahead of her), I don't see from his POV why it would not be an outrage if the superdelegates swung to her. I would love a Clinton Obama ticket with the "/" on either side of either, but I can't see her being a veep and I don't see what he has to gain by backing down when he's ahead. It's going to be a tough decision for the powers that be, that is for sure. I absolutely love them both, and I agree with Jason that either choice is better than McCain. I'll go one further and say I believe either will beat McCain.

Scooter said...

I'm a big Hillary supporter. No surprise. I really think Barack's cult of personality bubble will burst in the next few months once people start to ask "what has he actually done?" I can't believe what I hear from the Obamananians...that Hillary is "clawing at him"...what do they think will happen to their man in the general election? At present, the right is letting Hillary and Barack duel it out together, but when Democratic candidate is named, the right will pull out everything they have to keep the White House. They will use every smear and scare tactic they can. They will dig up every skeleton. I think Hillary will do a better job of fighting back...and not just as President, but as leader of the free world.

Anonymous said...

Again, I ask what has she done? In 15 years on the national political stage, she hasn't done much more than be devisive at best. In this campaign, we've seen the same tricks from her as usual - asking rally attendees to ask lay-up questions, accusing Obama of being a Muslim, etc. If she had real accomplishments, she wouldn't have to resort to these tactics and could point to results as a reason to vote for her. Instead, she only tosses up reasons not to vote for him. The more I see and hear from her, the more I believe she's obsessed with being President for the sake of her own achievement and she's willing to resort to any underhanded maneuver to achieve it.

Anonymous said...

UM ... as first lady, Clinton took a prominent position in policy matters. While her major initiative, the Clinton health care plan, failed to gain approval by the U.S. Congress in 1994, it certainly paved the way for what Barack Obama and nearly every other Democratic presidential candidate has set out to do in 2008. In 1997 she helped establish the State Children's Health Insurance Program and the Adoption and Safe Families Act.

Since being elected to the U.S. Senate in 2000, Clinton has served on five Senate committees: Committee on Budget (2001–2002), Committee on Armed Services (since 2003), Committee on Environment and Public Works (since 2001), Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (since 2001) and Special Committee on Aging. She is also a commissioner of the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (since 2001).

Barack Obama has been a U.S. senator for THREE years.

Morgan said...

I couldn't possibly care less what they have done--plenty of accomplished people have made awful, awful presidents (though again, I don't see how Clinton has much more experience than Obama [4 extra years in the Senate ... rah!]). I care about who they are. Hillary is divisive and conjures up the politics of old (e.g., I'll scare you by making a threatening ad about your children to get votes) while Obama offers a break from the past. Plus, Obama puts states in play that Clinton simply doesn't and can't. Neither democrat will probably win FL or OH, as those are clearly trending red. But Obama can win Virginia, Iowa, one or more of the states in the great plains or deep south, which would be enough to take it.

I don't think Kenneth is a propaganda machine, just as I think I'm not. I just care about my candidate and believe that he has the best chance of winning the White House in the general election. Does any Hillary supporter actually believe she has a better chance of beating McCain than Obama? I don't see how.