Monday, February 18, 2008

'One-Armed Love Bandit' by Kenneth M. Walsh (Instinct Magazine)

Day 4 of bedrest got a much-needed spirit boost when I dragged my ass downstairs Sunday to get Saturday's mail and discovered the March issue of Instinct magazine waiting for me. In it, you'll find my highly personal new article, "One-Armed Love Bandit." Those interested in reading it should look for the mag when it hits newsstands later this month. Needless to say, I'm thrilled to be published again and want to extend my gratitude to all of the great guys over at Instinct, especially Mike for his help on this one.

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    Briguy said...

    Do you ONLY get cover credit in magazines that feature JP Calderon on the cover? Did you two work out some kind of deal with Instinct? ;-)

    Keith said...

    Congrats, Kenneth! I think your next article should be about the runaway, Shala, that stayed in your sister's closet. That would make an excellent story.

    Steve said...

    Woo hoo! Can't wait to read it! :)

    Travis said...

    awesome Kenneth, I still have not taken the plastic off of my magazine yet. Now I will have to go check it out!

    franq said...

    Our copy arrived yesterday and I read it last night... How great to share another cover with JP... Congrats again!!

    PS--I didn't realize you are officially "Kenneth M. Walsh." The acknowledgements in BAND FAGS! say just plain "Kenneth Walsh." Sorry about that!


    sherrie said...

    Little 1 Armed Bandit,

    Your story was a wonderful look at gaining perspective. I wonder aloud though, can you do a twofer (a fleeting romp in the sack and a lasting sense of perspective)? Will refrain from asking if he was limber in bed.

    Your eternal Big 1

    alisa said...

    this remains one of my favorite stories of all time. how it took you this long to get it published, i don't know! but congrats -- on it AND the cover line.

    greg gregor said...

    Nice job. Troy is such a cripple-phobe.

    chris said...

    that's a great piece Kenneth!

    landon said...

    That's a really great article. Well-written, with both humor and a touching ending. Thanks for sending it.

    It was a good message for me, too. The pressure women have always felt to have the 'perfect' body has spread to pretty much everywhere: the gay world and the straight male world as well. It's so easy to get (mis)focused on trying to fit that perfect image rather than what's important: being healthy and fully mobile, feeling good, and having the energy to enjoy life.

    kelly said...

    I loved the essay. Once again, I am amazed at how touching your writing is.

    Jim Fortin said...

    VERY well written (and articulated and conveyed). Kudos! I think, from the heart, you conveyed an experience that all of us can relate to in some way/degree or another.

    lz said...

    Loved, loved, loved it—with both arms, legs, and heart, baby.


    paula said...

    Fabulous! I never heard this story. What a lovely and compassionate thing to recount (and big of you to be so self-incriminating!)

    It reminds me of when we joined the YMCA to teach the kids to swim (in a minute, you'll know why they
    still can't). We made it through the communal changing rooms and the
    four of us (my daughter was five; my son was three) arrived on the pool deck.

    Around the pool at various intervals were benches and towels, etc were piled there. On the one in our direct line of sight, however, was a prosthetic leg. Nothing else. My son was scared out of his life and the only thing worse than the leg for him was knowing we were about to enter the pool where the owner of the leg was swimming. He never wanted to swim there again. One of those parenting moments we'll never forget.

    Thanks for sharing this and congrats on being published!


    chantal said...

    Hi Kenny,

    No I don't subscribe to Instinct *wink*.

    What a wonderful article. I really admire your ability to put yourself out there. To me writing an article as honest as this is as brave as Mark coming out of the bathroom unarmed.



    francine said...

    This is GREAT -~ I love that this happened to you! And that you wrote about it. I know there's a teaching moment in there, but I chose to fixate on your face when you saw the arm in your bathtub.


    jesse archer said...


    What a beautiful story. We need more reminders of what's really important. Thanks for sharing...

    XO jesse
    ps:-a "limbist"--ha!

    kandy said...

    I love it!

    So, what did you do with all that Myoplex?

    faye (larry's mom) said...

    That was wonderful, Kenneth. So proud of you. Hope you and Michael are well. How is Larry doing?


    paul samson said...

    So cool!

    scooter said...

    I do have a subscription to this ... which I got free from manhunt!!!! I love the piece! and Send the one armed bandit to my house, he sounds so cute. When was this? do you still weigh 150?

    We need to meet for lunch soon.

    show girl said...

    it's fantastic

    sue said...

    Great story! You are quite the writer. I feel like a proud mom!!!

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