Friday, February 15, 2008

Hail Mary Pass for 'Friday Night Lights'?

UPDATE: You can sign the online petition here or get other Save FNL ideas here.

Not sure if it's too late to do anything about it (write to NBC?), but here's hoping that the Peacock brass are smart enough to renew "Friday Night Lights" for a third season. God knows the writers strike cut Season 2 nearly in half -- please tell me the best show on television today isn't going to end a la "My So-Called Life" with, well, no real ending. Click on the link above to watch full episodes and learn more about the series, which -- in case you didn't know -- isn't really about football at all. It's about families and relationships and it's brilliant.

Who could say no to Kyle Chandler? (Apparently everyone but me!)


Anonymous said...

If it's over. It would be disappointing to know the series would end with Matt (where were guys like this in MY high school?) and Julie not speaking to each other.

Bad news from Ben Silverman. That jerk.

Vance said...

And me.

Desperate Houseboy said...

I'm quite sure it's true that the show is so good. I'm quite sure I'd like it if I get to watch it. But... somehow I never feel like watching it at all? Why is that? And I watch Brothers & Sisters (which, according to your desciption of FNL as family drama, is quite similar to FNL) and like it a lot too.

Maybe I'm just shallow and I don't find this show "interesting" enough? Please convince me to try the show please. XD

Anonymous said...

Okay. Your resident FNL campaigner found this site. People want to send footballs apparently.

Anonymous said...

It is typical that the network should cancel the best program to load up with trash appealing to the lowest common denominator-but quyality has never been the criterion-at least for the big networks

Anonymous said...

Well I love Kyle but somehow his character in this show leaves me cold. He seems not quite "in it".

But Kyle, baby, I would follow that face anyplace.

So, how to cure an addition. Or not.

I hope it continues just for him, in or out of character.