Friday, February 08, 2008

Anderson Cooper: This Is Your Life!!!

You've really got to watch this old clip of Anderson Cooper guest-anchoring on "World News Now" to believe it. The guns weren't installed yet, but the corny laugh sure was. And look how embarrassed AC gets when the cheerleaders (actual girls!!!) come out demanding that he made permanent. If that weren't "Gong Show" enough for you, then mom Gloria Vanderbilt serenades him (with a little help from Barry Mitchell on the accordion) with an off-key rendition of "Always" that will have you begging for Jaye P. Morgan to swing her mallet -- hard. After enduring all of this it's a wonder Anderson didn't retreat into hiding forever.

(Hat tip: Soup Cans)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome clip...what year was that clip from? he looks like a skrawny little gay boy...I LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing!