Monday, January 14, 2008

'Reverse' Discrimination

(I'm trying not to laugh, but ...)


An Irish teenager is facing assault charges after he assaulted a man and his short-haired girlfriend, mistaking them for two men, reports the
Irish Independent Thursday.

The boy, 16, has been charged in juvenile court with the assault, occurring after asking the man and his girlfriend if they were "two gay guys." They then became "fucking gay bastards" as they were thrown to the ground, punched and kicked on a busy Dublin street.

The couple have made a full recovery, and the case is still pending. The boy has no prior record, and was intoxicated during the attack, says his lawyer. These factors could lead to leniency in sentencing. (Source)


Joey said...

Since everybody is okay, that IS awfully funny. Just imagine that dopey kid finding out the truth. That reminds me of an incident by my sister's home in NJ. This black-haired big-nosed couple had a swastika and anti-Jewish graffiti painted on their house. Turns out they were Italian, and even went to my sister's church.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! It's hilarious! I mean, since everybody recovered in the end, it's a comedy for the masses!

I sure hope some more straight couples get thrown to the ground, kicked repeatedly in the stomach and punched in the face! This will teach straight couples for being straight, or possibly women for having short hairdos, or maybe even both at the same time. These straight folk now know how terrifying it can be when you're gay, right? Am I right or what?