Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Page 1 Consider (01/15)

  • Zac Attack: Could this Zac Efron kid be any fucking cuter in the new Details? (LARagMag)

  • Bunch of Assholes: The family that sodomizes together ... (AP)

  • Viva la Gays! The Spanish prime minister, faces stiff competition in upcoming elections, cites gay marriage as one of his major accomplishments. (AP)

  • Love Is Really Blind: Sure, I'm a shallow bitch. But more often than not it's for a laugh and not for real. But for the life of me I cannot figure out how Czech tennis player Radek Sepanek keeps landing these tennis babes. First he's engaged to Martina Hingis (no wonder she turned to the yayo). And now last night I hear on the Australian Open coverage that he's dating Maria Sharapova in waiting Nicole Vaidisoa. Sure, their rumored application for a marriage license was just a “prank,” but the two are indeed dating. Even my straight, not-the-least-bit-superficial tennis-obsessed boss came up to me at work last night and said, "Does this Radek Stepanek have a desirable attribute that isn't readily visible to the average person on the street?" Nicely put, Ray. It's nice to take the night off from being the Office Size Queen once in a while. (TennisX)

  • How Bizarre: Howell Raines, who lost the top newsroom job at The New York Times in 2003 amid public rancor and scandal, will become a media columnist -- covering, among others, The Times -- at Conde Nast Portfolio, the magazine announced Monday. (NYT)

  • The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight: A 33-year old man has been charged with murder in the brutal killing of Patrick Murphy regarded by most in Albuquerque's LGBT community as a drag icon. Police allege that Dana Madsen shot Murphy three times in the head. He was arrested shortly after calling police to report a shooting inside his apartment. Investigators say that Madsen was relatively new in Albuquerque. He once faced attempted murder charges in El Paso. (365Gay)

  • Shortage of Hate: Backers of a proposed amendment to bar same-sex marriage in Florida are scrambling to find 20,000 signatures to get the measure on November's ballot after the secretary of state announced Monday that a counting mistake put them well short of the required 611,000 signatures needed. (365Gay)

  • Anticipation: How much longer till the new season of "Work Out"? I'm going through Jackie Warner withdrawal. Until then, here's a little Q&A in which the reality TV vixen reveals her secrets for maintaining her celebrated six-pack when she hits the road. (OutTraveler)

  • A Real Charmer: A man in prison for killing a gay man in 1991 pleaded guilty on Monday to holding a woman hostage at the Waupun Correctional Institution in Wisconsin. A judge sentenced Stuart Ellanson to 25 years in prison to be served after he puts in his time for the murder. (365Gay)


    Matthew said...

    Not to brag, but I'm quoted in the Zac article!!! Yes, the Klein photos are amazing. He's a great guy who takes far too much ribbing in the media. I think it's fair to attack aggressively obnoxious people like Paris, Nicole, Britney, etc., people who put themselves out there, and of course anyone famous will attract the more unsavory aspecs of free speech, but Zac just works and keeps his head down—all his hype is thanks to having fans and being in successful films. It's annoying when I read people bashing the guy. The Details piece is a refreshingly straightforward assessment.

    bryguy211 said...

    This weekend unintentionally turned into a Zac Efron weekend. I watched Hairspray and then on Sunday, I caught a film on Lifetime TV called Miracle Run which featured a young Zac Efron. The boy's cute factor has certainly improved over the past few years!