Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Razor's Edge

The Madonna Bunch -- Rocco and Guy Ritchie and Lourdes Leon sure look adorable at the "Fred Claus" premiere at Leicester Square in London. But what's up with Mini Madge's not-so-mini mustache? (And I won't even get into those eyebrows ...)
Body of evidence? She sure is daddy's little girl


Brechi said...

I guess she's entering those awkward years?

Matthew Rettenmund said...

She's hairy like her mother, and there should be no shame in that...I think Madonna may be forestalling any "grown-up" beauty regimens since Lourdes is only 11, which is probably admirable. Less high-and-mighty, what about the theory that it's very Frida Kahlo, and we all know how much Madonna loves her!

Anonymous said...

Hey, she's Italian. She looks like a browner clone of her mom.

Anonymous said...

Her mother has all of that money and Lourdes can't afford to have two eyebrows

Anonymous said...

I understand some hair -- but a moustache? At age 11??

Anonymous said...

The wierdest thing is that always a wild child does what she wants when she is in Jr High and HS and afterwards (e.g. Madonna) but then has a child and she is extremely STRICT with her.

Lourdes can't watch TV and is forbidden from having Christmas gifts (I hope there is some Hannukah gifts at least!).

Why the heck is Madonna slutty in her young years all of a sudden so strict with Lourdes.

She's in for a rude awakening. Lourdes will rebel even more than Madonna did in her young years just you see.

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