Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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  • Down Low in Iraq: My new pal Michael Luongo has written an article about his recent monthlong adventure checking out gay life in Iraq. The piece looks at men in three different cities -- Erbil and Suleymania in the Kurdish region and in Baghdad and includes interviews with gay and straight American officials at the U.S. Embassy, one of whom also comments on the gay Arabic translator issue for the military. (GayCityNews)

  • Mother, May I IM With Danger? If a little girl with low self-esteem hadn't wound up dead as a result of a neighbor mother's MySpace hoax on her, this would be the most brilliant and twisted movie plot ever.(NYT)

  • Closet Raiders: For an old fart, Harrison Ford is looking pretty good back in his old Indiana Jones garb. (AintItCool)

  • Heaven Sent? Oscar S. Wyatt Jr., the self-made Texas oilman who pleaded guilty in October to violating the rules of the U.N. oil-for-food program, was sentenced Tuesday to a year and a day in prison, but not before a judge heard from Farrah Fawcett (huh?) pleading for leniency on the old man. (NYT)

  • Hunk a Month: Looking for something to stuff his stocking with this year? How about a 2008 Hot for the Holidays calendar? (OnDisplayMen)

  • Stonewall Kameny: Tom Brokaw's new book, "Boom! Voices of the Sixties," completely omits the gay-rights movement, and Frank Kameny isn't happy about it. (Advocate)

  • Basic Ripoff: The Federal Communications Commission lets the cable industry off the hook again, further ensuring the organized crime structure that has been structure since so-called "consumer friendly" deregulation took place in 1984. (NYT)

  • Battle of the Greats: Pete Sampras beat Roger Federer in straight sets in an exhibition in Macau over the weekend. Sure, Federer won the first two matches on the mini tour, but I'm still a little surprised, even for an exhibition. (AP)

  • Capital Heights: A new report by District of Columbia health officials paints a bleak picture of Washington's efforts to curb the rising rate of HIV/AIDS, showing that the district has the highest infection rate of any city in the country. (365Gay)

  • Trainwreck Central: Georgia elected its first openly gay Republican. I'd be happy if the "gay Republican" part didn't still in my craw so hard. (AJC)

  • LAPD Blue: One of the first officers of the Los Angeles Police Department to come out of the closet testified in court Monday that he hoped taking legal action against the LAPD would help change attitudes there toward gays. (Advocate)

  • A Wide Stance Production: Don't drop the soap, GI Joe. An online company is selling a Larry Craig "action" doll that speaks, proclaiming in Craig's own words "I am not gay." (365Gay)

  • Transgression: Two transgender members of the Human Rights Campaign quit Tuesday, saying the group's support of an employment nondiscrimination bill that excluded transgender workers put them "in an untenable position." (AP)
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    Kenneth M. Walsh said...

    Sorry, Joe, but that just doesn't wash. That's like saying he's a Jewish Nazi and doesn't agree with what Nazis think about Jews "overall," but likes the other things they do. You can't be a member of a party that wants a constitutional amendment AGAINST you and then act like you're not part of the problem.