Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sporting Goods: Brian Peeler

Here's a new set of photos of "Workout" cast member Brian Peeler looking fit as can be. I have to say I wasn't too big on Brian and his cocky ways when I first started watching Bravo's reality show about personal trainers at SkySport & Spa. But as I saw his friendship with Doug grow I really developed a soft spot for him. (That scar across his head is so cute too!) Later when I saw the way he expressed his feelings of pain and loss when Doug died I found it incredibly moving -- and endearing -- and Brian's been my favorite ever since. I can hardly wait for Season 3. A few move pics of Brian after the jump. ----->


Timmy said...

When Peeler first came on the show I didn't care much for him. It took me some time to warm up to him. Once I took a liking to him I realized that he is a sexy stud.

NotShyChiRev said...

Proof that still waters can run deep. He may still be an arrogant little ass sometimes, but he's got a big, big heart.