Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Page 1 Consider (10/23)

  • Food Fight: Jessica Seinfeld has been accused of stealing two recipes featured in her new cooking-for-finicky-children cookbook, "Deceptively Delicious." It's hard to imagine that a woman whose first date with her funnyman husband, Jerry, took place while she was on her honeymoon with her first husband would do something so shady. (PostChronicle)

  • Fear Factor: What does the hilarious Dan Savage fear most? (Queerty)

  • Like Bellies, Ads Go Soft: Forget about "this is your brain on drugs" or that guy with a hole in his throat at the swimming pool. A new campaign to raise awareness about obesity doesn't even dare show a fat person, let alone wag a finger for gluttony or sloth. Do you really think photos of crispy french fries are going to scare people away from overeating? I'm ready to run out to McDonald's right now. (AP)

  • The Last Straw: A stripper-turned-soccer-mom accused of borrowing from a movie plot to kill her fiance for money was convicted Monday of first-degree murder. How embarrassing that she would model her misdeeds on a straight-to-cable film. (AP)

  • Reality Check: Catching up with former "Amazing Race" winner and current "Dante's Cove" cast member Reichen Lehmkuhl . (GayWired)

  • 'Out'er Banks: Jim Neal, the sole Democratic challenger for Elizabeth Dole's U.S. Senate seat in North Carolina, came out over the weekend in an online forum. Let's hope that's not a euphemism for Manhunt. (Gay.com)

  • The Picture of 'Dorrian's' Gray: Robert Chambers Jr., the so-called "Preppy Killer," who strangled a young woman in Central Park in the 1980s, was arrested in Manhattan last night on charges of selling cocaine, the police said. (NYT)

  • We're Talking Some Serious Detention Time Here: A 15-year-old girl was stabbed to death during an attack by a 17-year-old girl and family members, police said. Whatever happened to the glee club? (AP)

  • Paper Cut: An ethics scholar at Northwestern University published a paper this summer claiming that controversial scholar and author J. Michael Bailey acted appropriately while researching his 2003 book about transsexuals, "The Man Who Would Be Queen," according to an article in The Daily Northwestern. In his book Bailey states that male-to-female transsexuals are either "homosexual transsexuals," inherently feminine men who are attracted to men, or "autogynephilic transsexuals," men who are aroused by the thought of having a woman’s body. (Huh??? How the f**k does he know?) I wonder what Andrea James will have to say about this "finding." You might recall that James was so outraged by Bailey’s book that she downloaded images from Bailey’s Web site of his children, taken when they were in middle and elementary school, and posted them on her own site, with sexually explicit captions that she provided.). James, the Los Angeles-based transgender advocate and consultant, said that Bailey’s work exploited vulnerable people, especially children, and that her response echoed his disrespect. (Advocate)

  • Slip Sliding Away: I was expecting young, hip and fresh when I finally got to see Barack Obama on a nice, relaxed environment like Jon Stewart a month or two ago, but instead got the usual robotic (Hillaryesque) politician responses to every question. (That's bad because even a dud stiff like John Kerry can be funny on that show!) Now comes word that Obama has ties to the homophobic gospel singer Donnie McClurkin. You're losing me here, Barack. (AP)

  • Eye of the Beholder: Don't you love it when you find a million-dollar work of art in the trash? (NYT)

  • Trannies Say Cheese! A Wisconsin law that bars the state from paying for gender reassignment surgery for prison inmates violates the U.S. Constitution a federal judge was told Monday. (365Gay)

  • Poland Outlook: The far-right government of Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski is being replaced by the more moderate Civic Platform opposition party following Sunday's election -- move that LGBT groups in the country hope will lead to better relations. (365Gayski)

  • Priorities: No insurance for poor American kids, but no problem with $46 billion more for war. (AP)

  • 'Walk' of Shame: Apparently it's OK in Massachusetts for bigots to physically assault women who do not agree with their views on gay marriage and get away with it. (365Gay)

  • Lessing Isn't Always More: Nobel laureate Doris Lessing said the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States were "not that terrible" when compared with attacks by the IRA in Britain. "Sept. 11 was terrible, but if one goes back over the history of the IRA, what happened to the Americans wasn't that terrible," the Nobel Literature Prize winner told the leading Spanish daily El Pais. Just what we need -- a terror pissing match. (AP)

  • A Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Drama Queen: Did anyone see Marie Osmond wipe out on "Dancing With the Stars"? It sounds hilarious. (AP)
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    Wow. I've never seen a painting by Rufino Tamayo I didn't like. Why couldn't I have been the one around there trash-picking that day?