Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Feeling: 'Love It When You Call'

Ridiculously infectious single off the Brits' debut album, "Twelve Stops and Home." (Thanks, Christopher!)


Frank Anthony Polito said...

Oh my God... This is totally my new fave! (Though I realize it's that THAT new.)

Thanks for organizing the Gay Wolverine Club the other night!

Wait till word gets round... They're ALL going to wish they were Michiganders, too.

PS--We never drunk-dialed Mark.

Anonymous said...

Totally love The Feeling, and have seen them here in L.A. (House of Blues) Got every band member to sign my shirt and even got a drum stick (which the whole band signed)...Great, great band...great guys, and I love it when they call!! Cheers, MOB