Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hart to Hart

Here's Josh Hartnett at a press conference at The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, promoting his new movie "Resurrecting the Champ." I remember the first time I ever laid eyes on Josh when he played the dreamy and aloof Trip Fontaine in 1999's "Virgin Suicides." Never one to favor "younger" guys, I distinctly remember thinking how cute he was and how much cuter he'd be when he became a man. Oddly, though, as he approaches his 30th birthday I'm starting to rethink my theory with him. Sure, we all should be "losing it" as well as he is (!), but I can't help but think he looks like he's been smoking and not taking care of himself for the past decade. Just my opinion ... don't shoot the messenger.

  • Welcome Back, Hartnett

    dpaste said...

    He's never done it for me, and he still looks too boyish, and a little tired, at this point. But that's just me.

    Anonymous said...

    He is actually cuter in person...especially when you see him jogging around the lake. I had to take a double take. Sure enough it was Josh. Seen him jog a few times after that...still sweating & HOT!


    Anonymous said...

    He sorta is looking like Jan Michael Vincent to me.

    I prefer guys who look a little worn like they do something other than "take care of themselves".