Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Give an Inch, Take a Kilometer

While I admitted enjoying "Xanadu" on Broadway, don't forget the reason I forgave its total lack of originality being based on an old movie was because it was a bad one that needed reworking.

Now comes word that "Desperately Seeking Susan" (one of my all-time faves) is coming to the London stage -- as a musical. What's worse, the producers are taking this wonderful screwball comedy and setting it to Blondie tracks (huh???? Did they mean to make "Union City: The Musical" -- that other film about a bored New Jersey housewife?) I do not like where this is going ... (AP)

The forthcoming London stage version of "Desperately Seeking Susan" has announced its two leading ladies, Emma Williams and Kelly Price. The musical, featuring a classic catalog of Blondie hits and a new song by Deborah Harry, will begin performances at the Novello Theatre on October 12 and officially open on November 15. Written and conceived by American writer, director and actor Peter Michael Marino, the show will be directed by Angus Jackson and choreographed by Andy Blankenbuehler ("In the Heights"). Among the hit songs to be featured in Desperately Seeking Susan are "Heart of Glass," "Atomic," "One Way or Another," "Dreaming" and "The Tide is High." Harry has written "Moment of Truth" especially for this production. (Theatre.com)

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Anonymous said...

I think once people, even non-fans, get past "huh? why her and not her?" it cooooould work. After all, the vibe of the film pre-dates Madonnamania (Madonna's appearance in it was like Year Zero of Madonnamania) and deffo the music of Blondie fits with Seidelman's Downtown aesthetics. Will take a wait-and-see approach before I rip 'er to shreds!