Friday, June 15, 2007

Page 1 Consider (06/15)

  • Spanish Fly: Tennis hottie Tommy Robredo loves to get nekkid -- especially if it's for a good cause. (Flickr)
  • Celebrity 100: Forbes tells us who the Top 100 most powerful celebrities are. (Warning: Hilary Duff outranks Barbara Walters.) (Forbes)
  • Way to Kick 'Em When They're Down: Like being homeless isn't bad enough, this guy got booted out of a shelter in Fort Collins, Colo., by a reverend for being gay. (365Gay)

  • Total Ballbreaker: The only thing more embarrassing than getting nailed in the nuts by a 129 mph serve is then losing to the person whose family jewels you nearly severed. (OTB)

  • Split Ends: Who cares about Scientology's homophobic stance (that's the only thing that makes it like a real religion). Divine must be turning in her grave about John Travolta's embarrassing turn as Edna Turnblad. Did he even try to change his voice for the role? What is Oprah talking about saying he even "got the Baltimore accent down"??? (NYDN)
  • Movin' on Up: When the Clintons left the White House all they had to their name was a used Oldsmobile parked in Arkansas. Boy, has that changed. (NYT)

  • MASS-GAYS: Same-sex marriage will remain legal in Massachusetts, as its proponents won a pitched months-long battle to defeat a proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman. There is a god. (NYT)
  • Kising Cousins: Talk about Big Love. The rate of genetic birth defects is higher than normal on the Utah-Arizona border. I'll give you one guess why. (Reuters)

  • Lucky Bitch: That Claire Danes sure knows how to pick 'em. Her latest boyfriend, Hugh Dancy, is adorable. I wonder how many months pregnant his ex was. (People)
  • Gay American Bitch: I sincerely doubt Dina Matos McGreevey's book tanked because her soon-to-be ex-Gov. hubby Jim called her homophobic. But could he be any more of a bitch about it? (AP)
  • National Action Party: I don't know if equating gay marriage with prostitution is really what our advocates should be doing. (AP)

  • Surfin' Safari: AussieBum gets animalistic. (OhLaLaParis)

    Karim said...

    love the new layout.

    Rick said...

    This is looking good.

    Has Oprah ever promoted a good movie. They all thud if they resort to her show for promotion: unlike books that get a real boost.