Friday, June 15, 2007

The Mighty Quinn

Brady Quinn heats up the August issue of Men's Health. The draft-day scouting report on Quinn was that he was "solid but not special." If this is what not special looks like, I'm afraid to see what else the N.F.L. has up the pike. With a body as fit as Brady's, is it any wonder that he's already got a slew of endorsements and he hasn't even played his first pro game?

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n2pubes said...

i have been fortunate to see brady in the shower/locker room where he gets rehab work done and training in the western subs of chicago..
the trainer trains many soon to be UND players, justin tuck, and the polish guy at ND that i can't spell let alone pronounce...they all come to this place.... might fine with his bulge threw his towel