Thursday, June 21, 2007

Isaiah Washington Says They Fired the Wrong Guy

Just when you thought it was over, faggotgate has reared its ugly head again. In an interview with the Houston Chronicle, reality-challenged actor Isaiah Washington says T.R. Knight is the one who should have been fired from "Grey's Anatomy" -- not him. On what grounds? For lying when he told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show in January that "Washington used the slur against him and that 'everyone (on the set) heard it.'" Says Washington: "That's a lie. I used the word during a disagreement with Patrick. I apologized for that. We shook hands and went back to work." (He neglected to mention the physical assault he committed against Dempsey, but who's counting?)

In the article, "Washington said Knight, who plays Dr. George O'Malley, stirred up the notion that the slur was targeted at him and created a negative work environment. Washington also alleged that Knight likely wanted a salary increase and a more substantive role for his character." (Yeah, I'm sure Knight tricked Washington into using a slur against him.)

Washington, who has been threatening to file a lawsuit (on what grounds I don't know -- his contract was up and ABC chose not to renew it), says that it's Knight who should have been fired instead of him: "They fired the wrong guy. I have to clear my name. I'll start from the beginning. I'm telling everything. So here's the truth. ... My livelihood, my honor and dignity and my name have been so challenged ... I was not fired for making homophobic slurs. I did everything I said I would do. I offered to go to counseling, to do a public service announcement. I wanted everyone to know I was remorseful."

Ironic that he would call "lying" grounds for dismissal, yet he stood in front of the cameras at the Emmys -- along with the entire cast of "Grey's Anatomy" -- and said pointblank that he had not called T.R. "a faggot." Wait till you read how Washington has taken to likening himself to Malcolm X.

Sad. Very sad.


Anonymous said...

I hate when people try to use semantics to try to backtrack.

So he feels that just because he didn't say it directly TO him, just about him, that's supposed to make it better?

What an ultra maroon (credit: Bugs Bunny)

Anonymous said...

Does IW not realize, the more he opens his mouth, the deeper he sinks into that hole he has dug for himself. I agree with Kathering Heigel. He should just never speak in public. And where were his PR people when he said all this?

Anonymous said...

I am not saying what Washington did or said was right, but Knight playing the victim is not right either. Yes, even if Washington did not say it to Knight directly, it is still wrong. On the other hand, if Knight is lying that the comment was made directly to him, which I believe he is, than that is equally as gross. I bet Knight is just using this to further his career, which is sad since there are many LGBT people who are truly devastated by workplace hostilies.

Anyway, I find this whole thing racist. How much more can the man do, he has apologized, he made a public service announcement? It is as if the rich gay white boys in Hollywood want to make a straight man suffer, so they pick on the most vulnerable in our society, a straight black man. Does anyone understand real forgiveness? And no, people are not perfect, and they are no more perfect after seeking forgiveness than before. They are just human beings, just like the rich gay white boys who control the LGBT movement.