Friday, April 20, 2007

Page 1 Consider (04/20)

  • The Wedding Report: Ever wonder what it's like to attend a Colbert family event? (PinkNest)

  • Remembering the Dead: Instead of reading about the Virginia Tech killer, here's a chance to read about the lives that were so senselessly taken. (NYT)

  • M4M: Former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley is using leftover campaign cash to pay for the huge legal bills he's racking up defending himself in the congressional page scandal that led to his resignation. (AP)

  • City Managers: I wonder if Sarasota likes trannies any better than Largo does. (Source)

  • The Baldwin Truth: If I were Alec Baldwin's 11-year-old daughter, Ireland, I'd get the new asshole he ripped me repaired and keep my phone turned on in the future. (TMZ)

  • Justice for Jesus? A preacher's wife who claimed her husband abused her was convicted of voluntary manslaughter Thursday for killing him with a shotgun she said fired accidentally as she aimed at him. Mary Winkler faces a mere three to six years in prison. How is it possible that she she will be out in a few years but the boy who got a consensual blowjob in Georgia must serve 10? (AP) Meanwhile, a deaf lesbian gets life for killing in South Dakota. (AP)

  • He Doesn't Recall: How does Alberto Gonzales even remember how to get home from work each night? (WP)

  • Valley of the Sinner Son: Totally heterosexual Ted Haggard is moving to Phoenix. See you at Brazil's Wednesday 2-for-1 night, Teddy! (AP)

  • Convenience Store: I'm just running to the little botox shop around the corner. (NYT)

  • Gaybors: An international study of attitudes towards gays shows large number of people still do not want gay neighbors. (Source)

  • Murder in the Heartland: A Villa Park, Ill., woman formally pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges that she smothered her live-in lover, then hid the body in the trunk of their car. Nicole Abusharif, 23, is charged with first-degree murder and concealing a homicide in the March 15 suffocation of 32-year-old Rebecca Klein. (NBC5)

    Matthew Rettenmund said...

    I know it's weird, and I know Alec (as all the Baldwins) has issues, and yet I keep seeing Kim Basinger as the villain here. I wouldn't blame her for using a carelessly left hate message on her daughter's phone in court to get whatever she wants, but there's really no excuse for leaking it to the media. It should've remained (L.A.) confidential, no?

    Mark said...

    Alec Baldwin is an absolute lunatic. I'm glad this leaked-- his daughter needs a restraining order against his psycho-ass!

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