Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Photologue

It finally dawned on me yesterday that the Starbucks I frequent in Chelsea is adjacent to a flophouse on 22nd Street. I always wondered why there were always so many people in there who were doing everything but drinking coffee. This charming couple decided to sit down next to Michael and me last night and watch a little boob tube, which just happened to be stored in their Hefty bag. When the woman's ass nearly knocked our coffees off the table, Michael politely asked her to be mindful of what she was doing. But moments later she announced to her paramour that she wanted to "get out of this place 'cause I don't care for the company." Well la-di-da. I hear the electrical outlet at Jamba Juice is in a way better location anyway.

I'm willing to learn any language this guy speaks.

I always started laughing when I saw someone wearing pants that were hanging around their knees, but it's 2007, kids. Enough already.

Nothing sets me off more than the gluttonous American obsession with "free food." It doesn't matter what it is -- week-old sandwiches at work, stale coffee, muffins from last week's meeting? -- if it's free, people will eat it. I'm no snob -- and I sure as hell am not rich -- but given the vast wealth and amount of food available in this country I just find it ridiculous that people act like a free meal is what will separate them from starvation. Free Ice Cream Cone Day at Ben and Jerry's takes this whole issue to another level. It's one thing to have "free food" handed to you. But for the life of me I don't understand why so many people are willing to wait in line for 60 minutes for a lousy $3 ice cream cone that they could easily buy for themselves any time they want. It started to rain cats and dogs and the line near work did not die down one bit. Grown men in business suits -- who probably make six- or seven-figure incomes willing to do whatever it takes for "free food." Honest to God -- what is wrong with people?


Paul said...

Hey Ken,
it's not just Americans; all people are like this. My pharmacy around the corner was giving free high blood pressure tests, which regularly cost about $1, last Tuesday. I've never seen that pharmacy so packed in my life before. People see the word "free" and their minds just turn off and go into autopilot. That would never be me because I hate waiting in lines too much...

David said...

The oatmeal chunk was really yummy.

Mark said...

""get out of this place 'cause I don't care for the company."

Steve said...

Screw watching video on an ipod, I'm going to start carrying a TV around in a Hefty bag.

TCho said...

i feel the exact same way. people act like barbarians for anything free

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