Friday, April 13, 2007

Capturing the Spirit of John-John Kennedy

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Nearly everyone born in the post-Kennedy assassination generation agrees that the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. was our first brush with a national tragedy, one that felt like the loss of a family member. I'll bet you can remember where you were that fateful Friday afternoon, back in 1999, when you heard John-John's plane had gone missing, with his wife, Carolyn, and her sister Lauren Bessette on board. My friends Jay and Ed and I had just pulled up to their summer rental in Amagansett when we sensed something horrible was going on. The house, normally loud and rambunctuous on a sunny July afternoon in the Hamptons, was quiet as a funeral home. As we approached the sliding glass door, we could see a group of people glued to the television in silence. Never one to shy away from putting my foot in my mouth, I tried to liven things up a bit with a silly, "Are we at war or something?" (The irony of that seemingly over-the-top statement is not lost on me now.) No one said a word, much less a courtesy laugh. I don't think we left the house -- or the TV area -- that sad weekend.

The stylist Emmanuelle Alt along with photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin have captured the casual style that defined John-John in the new Vogue Hommes International, and the results are at times eerie and, of course, like the man who inspired the look, very sexy. Both John and his mother were like New York institutions, and their presence is greatly missed.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I certainly remember where I was when John's plane crashed - though I didn't know his plane was crashing at the time. I was sitting at a restaurant with the guy I had been seeing for 3 weeks, and he admitted to me that he wasn't looking for a relationship with me. I found the coincidence interesting back then.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting Kenneth, very cute guy and very nicely written tribute. Unfortunately there are some "icons" who, in my opinion, should never be immortalized by stylists in fashion spreads. John Kennedy is one of them. To my taste, the model looks precisely like a model and if you hadn't mentioned John Kennedy I would never known.

Anonymous said...

"Nearly everyone born in the post-Kennedy assassination generation agrees..."

Where did you get that?? I suppose the 1986 Challenger disaster was just an annoyance.

Anonymous said...

No, it wasn't, but it's not what he's talking about here.

Which members of the Challenger crew did the American people GROW UP WITH????

These weren't people we knew our whole lives, like a brother.

Anonymous said...


The model is attractive, but pales in comparison to the real JFK Jr.

He was one fine looking man, and will forever be my ideal "10" in the looks department.

Unknown said...

strange how we can see Marilyn Monroe done by every artist,impersonator etc but when it comes to a member of our "family" we say I just ain't comfortable with you using his image in that way...they were our family and we object to anyone taking their image & transforming it to use for whatever reason..and John's death is still a bit to close for me also......a piece of NYC left with him & my childhood...


cultofan said...

one of the best shooting Vogue Hommes has ever done, thank you very much for bringing it to us...

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